CRM 2013 Tool – CRM 2013 Duplicate Detection

So I recently learnt Duplicate detection had been removed from CRM 2013.  I was thinking about this and I guess you could add functionality to check this with a plugin yourself but this would of course mean you have to store configs and etc code and testing, which is quite annoying for functionality that use to be out of the box.

Then I saw that someone else has already created a solution to do it, yippeeee

It’s called CRM 2013 Duplicate Detection and is on codeplex, click the link to have a look

I will say I haven’t check it out myself yet but I’m blogging it here for future reference, just in case I need some duplicate checking in CRM 2013 project.  Also I want to let the CRM community know that someone has created a solution that might save you doing it yourself.
Below is the description and details from the codeplex site


Provides the ability to show potential duplicate records on the client side when creating or updating records.


Uses the native duplicate detection rules

Works on standard and Quick Create Forms*

Not available for the tablet client

Configuration allows preventing save when potential duplicates exist


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