Free CRM book from powerobjects

Anyone who has used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4, CRM 2011 and if they are really keen CRM 2013 will have at some point read an article on CRM by the good people at PowerObjects and the PowerObjects CRM blog is one of the best out there, click the link below to have a look

Recently they have released a CRM book for free, wooohoo.

The book is more like a web resource than your stand PDF/ebook, in fact I will let them describe it, which they did in their blog post here

This isn’t really a “book” in the traditional sense. It’s published entirely online and is constantly being updated and improved. We like to think of it as a living, breathing, comprehensive online guide to all things Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

You might be wondering what possessed PowerObjects to publish such a wealth of knowledge online for free. That’s been answered pretty thoroughly in the book’s introduction, but to summarize:

  • We wrote it because we had the knowledge and resources.
  • We made it available online so we can keep it relevant with regular content updates.
  • We published it for free because it reflects a core value at PowerObjects: Always Provide Value.
  • Finally, it helps us reach our goal of positively impacting 1 million CRM users.

The CRM Book covers a wide range of topics from user basics to CRM system administration and even extending CRM. We’re also working on additional content that’s more relevant to the changes that come with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

We hope you find this new resource valuable. Feel free to dig in and start reading or bookmark it as your go-to CRM reference!

There is some very interesting parts to the book, what I really liked was how they have described how CRM works and what each different entity does and how to use it.  You can take some of these parts and give them to customers/users to help them understand how to use CRM and familiarize themselves with the jargon which can be an stumbling block to begin with.

The book is split up into


System Administration

Extending CRM

it also have a very useful search feature, so you can just search for the topic you are interested in, this is one area this format has an advantage over traditional books because you don’t have to keep flicking through sections to find the bit you need.

The book seems to be a mixture of CRM logic and knowledge which is non CRM version (e.g. not CRM 4 or CRM 2011 or CRM 2013) and then has some bits which are CRM 2011 and a few which have been updated.  I guess they will continuously update the book as they go along.

There are some links above to the book but another just in case

Great work from the people at PowerObjects