CRM 2013 – Some good links from Roman’s CRM blog

When I blogged about the white paper CRM 2013 – White Paper – Scalable Security Modeling with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 I noticed I got a link back from Roman’s CRM blog.

Roman does blog about CRM but also has one post to store useful links about CRM and the various versions so he can find them again.  I have to admit to doing this myself and I can usually search my blog to find either the answer or a useful link.

So the blog has a CRM 2013 blog post with a list of excellent articles/resources on CRM 2013

a couple of the links I found very interesting

CRM 2013: Understanding Portable Business Logic

Opportunity Entity Changes in Dynamics CRM 2013

CRM 2013 – Business Process Flow

The list is not just a big long list of all the blogs and articles on CRM 2013 but a list of the more useful blog posts that Roman (and myself)  has a read since CRM 2013 was released.

Click here to go to the blog post and see all the links


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