CRM Certification Passed – Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

I have finally passed the CRM 2011 Extending Microsoft Dynamics exam this week.

I took the exam and passed it on my birthday, now that is dedication to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and something I certainly think the CRM MVP panel should take into account 🙂

As usual it’s good to get the exam out of the way and I can relax over Christmas and not think about the exam, although I wouldn’t rule out thinking about CRM for a little bit during the Xmas period.

It’s certainly worth studying for exams because there were a number of things I learnt which I didn’t know and other facts which have really been reinforced in my mind.

The exam was fairly enjoyable, the difference between a more developer focused exam seemed to me it was easier to discard the obviously wrong answers and sniff out the right answer.  In some of the other CRM exams  it can seem there are more than one right way to do things and it can be more of a choice of preference of how you do things.

So after Christmas I shall start to have a look at the course material for the CRM 2013 certifications, the MOC’s have been created by there is no sign yet on dates when the exams will be released and available to the general public.  Perhaps a nice MVP might let us know??

I noticed that on your birthday, google change the search (unless they were actually celebrating my birthday with whole world!)