Google Docs – They are managing revisions of your documents for you

I use google docs for lots of things outside of work, it’s easy to use and I like the fact it automatically saves everything.

Well I did like this fact until I acidently deleted the data and then it saved and to compound the problem I then closed the document down, AHHGHGHG, all my work gone.

I scrabbled around looking for a local copy of the file because I use an array of editors to write documents to Google Docs but alas the cupboard was bare.

I then clicked on the file and then clicked the more button. Wait, there is a manage revisions button, I might be saved

I saw it had kept 24 revisions of my file and what is even better you can mark some of the revisions as do not delete, beautiful.

here is an example

manage revisions

if you want to learn more about it read more here

I just thought it was something worth knowing and a great piece of functionality, Good work Google.