CRM 2013 – Looking at the new features

I am playing catch up learning about the new features in CRM 2013, so I was googling around and there are lots and lots of blogs, youtube videos and sites with information.

Then I saw a blog post by CRM Super MVP Donna Edwards has posted a fantastic blog post called getting ready for CRM 2013 and it basically contains links to blogs, technet and lists all the partner source videos

for those who don’t have partner source access but still want to watch a video

here is an hour long video from microsoft about the new features in CRM 2013

also here is another good video about the new features

I’m sure there are lot of other sources of information but I am going to work through these first before concentrating on specific new features in CRM 2013


back to blogging

Hello all

for those of you who read or use to read this blog you will have noticed that I have been extremely quiet and lazy over the last year.

1451567_10151992638496093_968937095_nI shall give you some excuses, I moved job to Ciber at the start of the year and in September my wife gave birth to a lovely little boy called George.

So the mixture of the things above and the fact I thought I would have a little rest from blogging (which turned into a longer one) meant this blog got neglected but I am getting back on the wagon.

I have an Extending CRM 2011 exam to pass and there is also CRM 2013 to investigate and learn about, not to mention I am still working on a CRM 2011 project and learning things all the time.

so expect to see more blogs in the future.



CRM 2011 – How to stop sending reports to Microsoft

Everyone has at some time been asked by windows if it wants to send an error report to Microsoft. At this point the software has probably been frozen, tantalizingly showing you what you had been up to before it got tired and fell asleep like an old person in a comfy chair.

If you aren’t in Hulk mode clicking madly trying to get the annoying page to disappear, you will wonder – What do Microsoft do with all those reports?

I was asked this week we could turn off this option!

I skillfully batted the question away with a “Good question, let me get back to you”.  Before firing up google, hoping it had the answer.

It had half an answer for me, this blog showed me how to turn it off at a user level

If you go to File–>options–>

You will find a privacy tab with the options below, choose never send a report and that user won’t be pestered to send a report to Microsoft.

There is also a way to set this for everyone, it was slightly hidden in plain sight.  I thought it would be in Settings–>Admiinistration–>System Settings but no Privacy settings has it’s own section in

Settings–>Administration–>Privacy Settings

well who know there was a section for privacy settings.  Anyway in here there is a section for error reporting and you can select not to send any information to Microsoft