Google Tips – Quick tips on how to use Google products better

I have a useful friday non CRM related blog for you today, all about Google products.  if you are like me you will be using all sorts of Google products

  • Gmail
  • android
  • docs
  • calendar
  • drive
  • youtube
  • keep

and loads of other products.

Either Google has just released or I have just noticed but the tips are surprisingly useful, they have the feeling of user/power tips someone might pass onto you in the office, a bit like the first time someone told you (or you found out) you can copy and paste using CTRL – C and CTRL – V or my favourite is.  If we are talking Google I love the fact you can share calenders with people

So what is Google Tips.  I have a picture below but they are byte sized quick tips


What makes them useful is they are quick, easy and they seem useful.  I like the way you can filter the tips into groups

On the go

At home

At the office

and finally you can just filter them by product

click here – to look at Google Tips for yourself