CRM 2013 – Duplicate Detection during Record Create and Update Operations Not Supported

With all new releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft gives us some tasty enhancements and at the same time throws in some cheeky gotcha’s, CRM 2013 is no exception.

Someone at Ciber sent me a link saying here is a CRM 2013 duplicate detection solution because that functionality got removed in CRM 2011.

At this point you are probably thinking, is Hosk sure about that, well this page from Microsoft might clarify a few things

Duplicate Detection during Record Create and Update Operations Not Supported

hmmmm, well the title seem quite conclusive but let us delve a little deeper with some more details (taken from the link above)

Duplicate detection during create and update operations will not be supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM updated user interface entities. Duplicate detection of individual records won’t be supported for custom entities as well. However, to detect duplicates in bulk, you can use the BulkDetectDuplicatesRequest message and the RetrieveDuplicatesRequest message. For more information, see Detect Duplicate Data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For information about updated user experience, see Updated User Experience for Sales and Customer Service and Product Update Functionality.

It explains that it isn’t supported but it doesn’t really say why they have taken this functionality away, I’m guessing autosave maybe has something to do with it because saving has changed from one save when you have finished changing an entity to lots of little continuous saves as you edit the entity

So how do you check for duplicates, well you have to run duplicate detection jobs, which will generate a list of duplicates which you will then fix.  I’m not sure if this functionality has changed but this was always a slow tricky process thanks to a clunky GUI.

So what records no longer have duplicate checking functionality, I can summarise this up very quickly – practically all of the entities no longer has duplicate checking but for a more detailed list, The following table contains a list of the updated user interface entities available in the next major release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These entities will not have duplicate detection support during record create or update operations:

Schema Name Display Name
Account Account
Appointment Appointment
Campaign Campaign
CampaignActivity Campaign Activity
CampaignResponse Campaign Response
Competitor Competitor
Contact Contact
Contract Contract
Email Email
Fax Fax
Incident Case
Invoice Invoice
Lead Lead
Letter Letter
List Marketing List
Opportunity Opportunity
OpportunityProduct Opportunity Product
PhoneCall Phone Call
Product Product
ProductPriceLevel Price List Item
Quote Quote
RecurringAppointmentMaster Recurring Appointment
SalesLiterature Sales Literature
SalesOrder Order
SystemUser User
Task Task
Team Team




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  1. Peter Sullivan December 27, 2013 / 9:46 am

    Thanks for the updating me about the content. This is really helpful for me.


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