Hosk’s CRM 2013 Tools List

This is a page where I am going hold some links to CRM 2013 tools and solutions

The table below has all the links to the CRM 2013 tools

Name URL
Xrm Toolbox Download
CRM 2013 One Click Navigation Download
CRM 2013 Quick View Menu Download
Hosk’s CRM 2013 Guid Getter Download
Dynamics CRM Organization Settings Editor
CRM 2013 Dupe Detection Download
Solution History for CRM 2013 Download
Chrome CRM DEv Extension Download
CRM Early Bound Generator Download
Odata Query Designer Download
Trace Reader for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Sparkle Xrm (CRM 2013 Start Menu navigation)


Easy Navigate


Ribbon Workbench


BPFHelper Library

BPFHelper Library

Advanced Find on record forms for CRM 2013


Dynamics CRM Organization Settings Editor (OrgDBOrgSettings)



Below is a brief description and links to my reviews of them

Xrm Toolbox 

Excellent, has loads of tools inside

Blog Review – plugin-and-workflow-synchronous-events-execution-order-editor

Hosk CRM Dev Video Review

 Blog – Sync Filter Manager review

CRM 2013 Dupe Detection

CRM 2013 has removed the duplicate detection because it is constantly saving, this solution can allow you to add that functionality back in.

CRM 2013 Quick View Menu

Fantastic windows 8 style navigation display.  It allows you to see all the entities, which is great if like me it takes you some time to navigate around in CRM 2013

Trace Reader for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

if you are having problems then you need to turn on some tracing and get into the log files

Ribbon Workbench solution

This is a fantastic tool that will save you hours/days/weeks/years if you have to do any editing of the Ribbon.

BPFHelper Library

Project Description
This JavaScript Library was created to help Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 customizers and developers dealing with the Business Process Flow and inside attributes.

Solution History for CRM 2013

Shows the history of solution imports for a CRM organisation

Hosk review – CRM 2013 Tool Review – Solution History for CRM 2013

Hosk’s CRM 2013 Guid Getter

It just adds a guid getter button which puts the guid of the record in a form notification

Hosk review of Hosk’s CRM 2013 Guid Getter


Easy Navigate

Easy navigate allows you to create and modify a metro style start page in CRM 2013

Hosk Blog Review

Hosk CRM Dev Video Review


Google Chrome CRM Dev Tools extension


 CRM Early Bound Generator

tool to create the early bound class

Hosk CRM Early Bound Generator Review

Hosk Video Review

Dynamics CRM Organization Settings Editor 

This is a utility allowing admins of Dynamics CRM (2011/2013 – online & onPrem) to edit their organization database settings otherwise known as OrgDBOrgSettings


Hosk review



Advanced Find on record forms for CRM 2013

This solution adds the Advanced Find button for new and existing records on all entities.
This solution adds the Advanced Find button for new and existing records on all entities.


24 thoughts on “Hosk’s CRM 2013 Tools List

  1. Stanley December 1, 2014 / 1:00 am

    Hi Ben nice list, just adding to your list, there’s a XRMService Toolkit

    XrmServiceToolkit is a JavaScript library which can be used for JavaScript Development under the platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 environments. The library contains four major parts regarding functions.

    Common: General Methods used for various purpose.
    Rest: Organization Data Service functions including CRUD, Associate, Disassociate, etc
    Soap: Organization Service functions including CRUD, Fetch, Associate, Disassociate, etc
    Extension: jQuery extension to utilize WebResource to extend CRM 2011 / CRM 2013 including dependent OptionSet, field tooltip, add custom filter view to lookup field. (Some Methods ‘Unsupported’. Some of these methods have either been replaced with supported methods or deprecated in CRM 2013 version)

    I found this tool to be very handy !!


  2. Krish February 17, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    Hi Hosk,
    I’m getting the following error when I try the early bound class based sample code available through the sdk (SampleCode\CS\Process\CustomWorkflowActivity\TestNet4Activity\SimpleSdkActivity.cs).

    The loosely bound code is working fine without any problem. Please help me to resolve this issue.

    Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.Crm.CrmException: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: Microsoft Dynamics CRM has experienced an error. Reference number for administrators or support: #12146A89
    at Microsoft.Crm.Sandbox.SandboxCodeUnit.Execute(IExecutionContext context)

    Note: I used the Early bound generator to generate the entire entities as a separate class library and I build my class library and my workflow code activity with .Net 4.0 and merge the custom class library using IlMerge.


    • Krish February 17, 2015 / 5:02 pm

      This particular line: Guid entityId = service.Create(account); throws this error.


  3. jamesnovak March 23, 2015 / 3:29 pm

    Not CRM specific, but an ancillary tool for creating data. I’ve tested a few recently, and I really like this one: https://www.mockaroo.com/

    I am using it to create sample data for demos and internal testing.

    It’s also a great tool to validate your entity model early in the process. When entering loads of data, you can quickly see holes in the model when data sets do not align!


    • Hosk March 23, 2015 / 3:40 pm

      Thanks for the comment James

      This site looks pretty useful, I was creating some test data recently and the tool I was using only allow me to generate 100 rows, this tool allows you to generate 1000 rows.

      I could probably do with adding a new section for Test data


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