Hosk’s Top CRM articles of the week 21st March 2014

Hello and welcome to my selection of the best CRM articles this week

Article of the week

if you are going to read one article this week, make it this one from  Jukka Niiranen, who shows us how much knowledge is knocking around the head of a CRM MVP.  This article explains how CRM tracks your data and the highlight is the excellent matrix.

Synchronization vs. Tracking: Understanding Activity Management Options in Dynamics CRM

CRM 2013 articles

Design and Scalability Considerations when Using Access Teams in Dynamics CRM 2013
This blog post goes through Access Teams which is a new feature in CRM 2013, which allows dynamic sharing of records

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing Coming Spring 2014
Jukka had a busy week this week and tells you what functionality is coming into CRM 2013 and when, watch the swim lanes

CRM MVP Question and Answer – Tanguy Touzard
Tanguy the toolguy is the latest CRM MVP to answer questions fired at him by the Hosk

CRM 2013 Tool – Easy Navigate lets you design your own metro like start page
The Hosk (which is me) runs through the interesting new solution/tool for CRM 2013 which makes navigating around CRM 2013 easier and anything that does that gets a thumbs up from me.

CRM 2011 to 2013 (Orion) Top 10 Upgrade Tips and Considerations (part 2)
5 more tips and things to look out for when migrating from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013

How to find Open Opportunities with NO Activities (without having to use FetchXML)
Interesting post, showing you how to find things with tricky no data, in this case opportunities with no activities.  It’s difficult to find things without things

CRM 2013 Auto-Save cannot completely be deactivated
You can turn off Auto Save but Auto Save won’t let you turn it off, here is how to catch the sneaky autosave triggering when you leave a record

Introducing Sandbox Instances in CRM Online
How do you know you are on a sandbox CRM Online instance, because it has an orange head of course.  There is a joke in there somewhere

Field Level Notifications

Let the fields notify the users they are being silly and putting in daft values, yeah you tell them fields.

A Guide to Online Resources and where to find them

An interesting PDF document showing you where lots of different Microsoft documents are, which is good because they are never in a group and never where you think.

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