Hosk’s Dynamic CRM blog reaches 1 million views

I noticed today that my blog has finally had 1 million views, in fact I have had 1,021,379 views.  Firstly thanks for everyone who has visited my blog and in particular the regular readers of my blog.

So what are the stats of my blog

I started the blog in February 2009 although I didn’t really start really doing anything with it until December 2010


I have written 725 posts (Plus 1 for this one)

102 Categories

25 Tags


127 subscribed to the blog

1,401 people are subscribed via email

unfortunately because I didn’t create a feed burner RSS, I have no idea how many people are subscribed using RSS!

Whilst I was looking at such Data, here is my twitter stats

My blog has had 1 million views but I get as many views not on the site as views on the site, annoyingly wordpress doesn’t give you a good way to count/monitor these.

if for example I take the latest CRM MVP questions


WordPress counts this as 50 on site views on it’s statistics but syndicated (views not coming to the blog) views were an 128 more than double.  It baffles me why they count the views but then don’t allow you to see the aggregated details of the syndicated views.

I also feature my blog on the CRM Dynamics Community so it’s possible people can view the whole blog on there without needing to come to my blog!

Here are the big yearly stats

hosk blog stats


You can see the stats have dropped a bit when I didn’t do much blogging last year and my blog (as of yet) doesn’t have a lot of content on CRM 2013 but this will change as time goes on and I write more blogs on CRM 2013.

one interesting thing to note that my most popular page is the Home/Archive page

home page stasts

Overall the statistics are interesting to look at now and again and it does feel good to say I have had 1 million people visit this blog.
I have learnt a lot about CRM whilst blogging about it and I have found it a great way to learn about things and share them with the CRM community.   The blog can sometimes act as a good introduction tool because when I moved company last year, some people at the company had already knew who I was because they had read various articles on my blog.
Recently it has been a good way to have a chat with some CRM MVP’s whilst asking them nicely if they wouldn’t mind answering questions, which you can read here




So I have hit one million views and the only thing to do now is get blogging and rich two million views quicker than I reached one million, which I certainly should do because I did a lot of dawdling about in the beginning.