Hosk’s Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development

A few people have suggested it would be a great idea if I started a youtube channel focusing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development.

I remember when I first started CRM development it was all a bit hit and miss and I there is not a great deal of resources to help.  Well that isn’t totally correct there is some excellent information in the CRM SDK but when first starting out this isn’t straight forward to getting working.

I also want to start doing some CRM 2013 development because I am currently working on a CRM 2011 project but I would like to get a bit of experience with CRM 2013 and so whilst I am doing this it would be a good idea to document this with a youtube screen recording.

I have created a Linkedin group – Hosk’s Microsoft Dynamic CRM Development so if you are interested please join up, I thought a group would be useful because it’s an easy way to raise discussions etc.  Currently there is an impressive 13 members.

I’m not really sure how this is going to work, if many people will find it interesting or what to include, I am not totally how to do it technically, I have been mucking around with some screen recording software and have had my face looking odd at the bottom right, fidgeting and looking like a bit of a muppet.  My main goal is to use screen recordings because I want people to see what I am doing and follow it rather than talking a bit and then showing a “here’s one I made earlier”.

Based on my current investigation the videos will be informal and scruffy (like a lot of developers) and to begin they will be short videos, at least until I get the hang of it.

My initial thoughts on what to include are (roughly) general CRM development

Developer resources/blogs
new CRM 2013 functionality
Forum questions
Development problems
Best Practices
Development Setup

For this to be useful I think feedback from people who are interested will be important, so you can either join the LinkedIn group, leave a comment here or I have created a new page which you should be able to see at the top of the blog


I will probably use my youtube channel rather than creating a new channel

Who know’s where it will go from here but I will need suggestions and help (send me some code you think is useful to everyone or even create you own video’s) because a group of people is always going to create something more useful than just one Hosk.

stay tuned to the blog and hopefully I will make a few baby steps next week