CRM 2011 – Using Security roles to change items in Sales Navigation Area

A customer didn’t want to use orders and invoices but also wanted to remove them from the navigation bar in sales and other navigation bars.

I could remove the items from the navigation bar but this seemed to be a bit final and would involve a lot more work if I wanted to add it back in later.  If you want to change the navigation bar then I this site map editor solution is great, I have blogged about that here

Instead I set the privileges for the users to not be able to anything with Invoices and orders.

This highlights how security privileges work in CRM and how useful they are. All the views and information is filtered by the users security role.

To test out if the different security roles then you can use log in as a different user CRM 2011 – How to open CRM as a different user you can also do this by pressing Shift and right clicking Internet Explorer.


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