CRM MVP’s and blog links

if you want to subscribe to some of the best blogs on Microsoft Dynamics CRM then I would recommend subscribing to the blogs written by the CRM MVP’s (and mine of course)

The CRM MVP’s all make fantastic contributions to CRM community and their articles, tools, forum posts and books have helped me loads over the past few years I have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

If you want to see the list of CRM MVP’s then you can see them all here, it has a quick one line summary and then you can click on the link to get a more details about the MVP.

There are 51 CRM MVP’s at the moment, I’m not sure if they keep a certain number or how many they add a year.

Although you can access the detailed description of the MVP and a link to their blog, I saw a link on Mitch Milam’s blog which lists a lot of CRM MVP’s blogs.  If you are not subscribed or haven’t read any of these blogs then I recommend you go and have a look at them.  They are really useful for learning CRM.

CRM MVPs Blogs

CRM 2011 tool – CrmDiagTool2011 can now access remote CRM Servers.

Tanguy the CRM tool guy has been busy, busy justifying his well earnt CRM MVP status.

Tanguy has created many CRM tools but the most useful tool for anyone supporting customer CRM systems or trying to resolve a problem then the CrmDialgTool2011 is the best.  It is even useful for debugging plugins because you can turn on tracing and it spits out errors to the error log.

Tanguy with help from his colleague Nicolas have released a new version of the tool which has the functionality to allow you to connect to remote CRM Servers.  This means you don’t have to open up a remote desktop to run the tool.

You can read about the tool update here

if you want to download the tool then you should head over to codeplex –

looking at a screenshot of the tool, it does look impressive.

I have to say it’s very impressive that Tanguy gives this tool away for free, thank you very much sir.

If you wish to thank Tanguy for his hard work he has a paypal button on his blog, go on give it a click