CRM 2011 Tool – CrmDiagTool 2011

There is a new version of one of the most important tools you can have when something in CRM 2011 has started not to work.

The CRMDiagTool is an easy way to turn on and off error logging in CRM 2011 and it does it without even needing a server restart (which customer never seem to be keen on).

You can read about it on Tanguy’s blog here or check out the codeplex page here


Thanks again to Tanguy he has produced lots of excellent CRM tools which he has generously shared with the CRM community.   A worthy CRM MVP

CRM 4 – HTTP Error 500.23 – An ASP.NET httpHandlers configuration does not apply in Managed Pipeline mode.

I wrote a web service in visual studio 2010, which uses some functionality in .NET 4.  I have been trying to enable this on the same server as the CRM 4 version.   This has created a world of pain for me.

The first thing I had to do was swap the CRM dll’s form 32 bit to 64, which you can find in the SDK.

I then had to remove practically everything from the web.config (which I wasn’t using anyway) as all the stuff it puts by default wasn’t causing errors.

I then got the error above in my main CRM website.  I think the reason for this was I initially tried to install the webservice within CRM.

Which I resolved by doing the below, which I found on this forum discussion

1. Open Server Manager
2. Select Roles>Web Server (IIS)>IIS Manager>Select the Server>Applocation Pools
3. Select the appPool that your app is running under>Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ from the right hand pane.
4. Under Advanced Settings>General>Managed Pipeline Mode, select “Classic”
5. Recycle app pool and test your app.

Here are a couple of links with more information


CRM 2011 Solution – Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap Editor

I am seeing an increased amount of tools created as solutions which work within CRM.  This is a much tidier method of distributing CRM 2011 tools, it’s easy to find and easy to uninstall.

I have also noticed more useful solutions being available on the CRM marketplace, although I must admit I rarely look there.

This one is pretty good

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap Editor


CRM 2011 works with Sharepoint online

This blog from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 team has released some good news, Microsoft have or soon will have finally fixed the problems between Sharepoint and CRM 2011.

The problem was sharepoint online didn’t work with CRM 2011, the rough reason was Sharepoint online didn’t let you run a script which was need to allow the Sharepoint list component to be embedded in CRM 2011.

but after reading this blog post it seems this is now fixed.

You will need to download the  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component and your Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator must install it.  Although I’m not entirely sure this is correct because you have to do this on Sharepoint administrator to apply the script, so if you are a CRM admin you probably won’t have enough privileges.

There are detailed instructions are here on how to install the correct files to get Sharepoint Online working with CRM 2011 online.

This is great news for Microsoft and all the users who have CRM 2011 and SharePoint online, which is propbably most people who have signed up for Office 365.

Well done Microsoft, better late than never.