IMPORTANT – CRM 2011 Rollup 5 cannot be uninstalled

I’m sure many people have seen this warning on the release note but what about the people who have CRM 2011 to automatically download using the windows update functionality.  I just thought I would make everyone aware of this.

on the release note you have this warning

General Details about Update Rollup 5

  • Update Rollup 5 cannot be uninstalled.
  • Client packages installed manually by downloading the packages and running install will require administrative privileges.  If the client packages are installed via the Windows Update (Microsoft Update) system, they will not require administrative privileges.
  • For help with installation, please see the Installation Information section in KB2567454.

I believe some of the changes to the database are fundamental changes which cannot be rolled back. I’m not sure if this has any other ramifications.  It just makes me feel a bit uneasy when you install things which cannot be uninstalled.


Below are the dates for the release, the windows update usually happens a couple of weeks later, also you can see the date for the next rollup, everyone can relax until next year.


Release Channel Schedule

The resources available at these links will be active according to the following Release Channel Schedule:

  • CRM Online Datacenter: October 18      to October 25, 2011
  • Microsoft Download Center: October  25, 2011
  • Microsoft Update: November 8, 2011

Dates for Future Update Rollups

Update Rollup 6 is to be delivered on its predefined schedule, 16 weeks after Update Rollup 4, which puts the delivery in January 2012.


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