CRM 2011 – White Paper – Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online Solutions from Development through Test and Production Environments

Microsoft released an interesting new white paper recently which goes into detail about deploying and testing CRM 2011 in product and test environments.

You can download the white paper here

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the white paper but it was intrigueing because it used good examples and went in detail about how to create test objects (queues, users etc) using code.

I hadn’t really considered importing testing data to such an extent as test business units and user and then assign them to different security roles.

The white paper went into a lot more detailed development techniques than I have seen in previous/similar white papers.

I have always wondered how CRM online companies test their code because unlike on premise CRM solutions they can’t have a test organisation or environment.

This white paper is well worth a read.  Good work


Metaphorix Gold ERP Status with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Metaphorix the company I work for and which you can read more about here on their homepage or you can read their excellent blog here and yes it’s me who keeps this up to date.

After passing a few people at the company passing some sure step exams and already having the relevant NAV exams passed we retained our Gold Partner status for ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can read about this in more detail on this blog page

Gold partner status is worth a bit more these days with Microsoft bumping up the number of certified professionals needed, so well done to everyone involved.



removing newline and other special characters from a string

If you are a regular follower of my blog you will have no doubt worked out I am doing some development over the last week and have been wrestling with various problems.

Today I found one of my columns had special characters such as Newline, carrage return etc and I wanted to remove them.  In the end I had to make this function and it did the job just fine.  I’m sure I have come across this problem before and I thought I had a better solution but searching on google and I couldn’t find anything.


   public static string ReplaceNewlines(string blockOfText, string replaceWith)
            return blockOfText.Replace("\r\n", replaceWith).Replace("\n", replaceWith).Replace("\r", replaceWith).Replace("\t", replaceWith);