CRM 2011 – How long can a single line of text be?

A customer asked me how long could the Last Name field on a contact be?

an interesting question, even if it wasn’t one I was expecting.

I initially was slightly confused and wondered if the maximum length was words or characters when you are creating a new field.  It’s characters if you are wondering.

The limit is 4000 characters, I can’t imagine anyone with a name that long and you would have to pity someone signing their name if it was over 1000 characters let alone 4000.





How to add a Global.asax file in Visual Studio 2010

A simple problem I came up agaisn’t today, how to create a Global.asax file.

This global.asax file is an optional file which handles application level events.

I wanted one to set up some variables for my web service (CRM 4) and I wasn’t sure how to add one and I finally worked it out.

Go to the solution explorer -> add new item -> Global application class.

Hey presto you will now have a Global.asax file and a cs file to go with it.