Passed Sure Step 2010 Certification – MB5-858 – Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

I have spent the last month or two studying for the Sure Step 2010 certification and passed yesterday.  It’s a great feeling passing a certification and you know you can now relax in the evenings rather than reading technical books (made worse by knowing the rest of the world is out enjoying themselves)

I will add some of the test questions don’t seem to be testing you on the Sure Step methodology and are a bit dubious.

I’m sure there are a lot of employees from Microsoft partners who have been doing the same thing, with companies having to have more Sure Step 2010 certified people in their ranks.

Sure Step 2010 is quite a funny beast, when you first load Sure Step onto your machine and then look at all the documents, you suddenly get struck by fear that your employees are suddenly going to make you fill out 50 documents for every project (and that’s before you start).

It’s a difficult product to get to grips with and there isn’t an easy way to start with it.  Going through the eLearning was interesting and the scenario based learning was tiring.

The statistics back up Sure Step, I think it’s something like it increases project sanctification and success deployment by 20 percent.

There were some interesting things in Sure Step, a lot of work should be done by the sales team!!!  if you can get them to fill out these documents then that would be very impressive.

The more I read about Sure Step and I have started using it the more I like it.  It basically covers a lot of the things you would normally do anyway but it does it more professionally and makes sure you don’t miss things out.

The most important feature of Sure Step is it makes sure all the requirements and things which are in scope are documentation and things which are out of scope.  It then gives you a standard process for the customer to request changes.

It gets the customers to agree the scope and project before you start developing and gets them involved with the project, so they fully understand what is being delivered.

This is why I think it leads to more successful projects because it stops scope creep.

A lot of people who look at Sure Step think it seems like “lots of documents” and “too American” but I bet these same people are the ones who are then scrabbling around at the late stages of the project trying to squeeze in unpaid changes to the project, which the customer assumed would be included.

It’s also useful to have the documents to consider doing things even if you think it’s not worth it, at least you can say I don’t need to bother to do that document.

Hopefully it will make my own projects run smoother and hopefully make my projects run smoother.