150000 views and going strong

The blog has got 150000 views on the wordpress stats which is quite an acheivement for a blog which has really only been going since December last year.  For some reason WordPress doesn’t count views from RSS feeds but if you click on a page it can tell you this number.

An example is this blog post I released on friday

 CRM 2011 – N:N relationships and advanced finds quirks

It logged 18 views in the wordpress statistics but if you click on the blog post it shows that 44 people viewed this through an RSS feed reader (like netvibes or google reader).  This is common for most of my posts that I get more views through readers than people clicking on my page.

I have put a lot of effort it to making this blog a useful resource for people using CRM.

I have written 369 blog posts, which is more than one a day!!

I have responded to 51 comments

there are Comments: 431, which I have had to accept

Categories: 61

Tags: 12

Site subscriptions: 33

Comment subscriptions: subscribers

I have also started writing some blog posts for the company I work for Metaphorix blog, which is quite a challenge to start a blog from the beginning again, it makes me realise how much effort I have put into this blog.

I amusing story I had regarding my blog.   When I went for an interview for a CRM job, the people conducting the interview said they were going to ask me some CRM technical questions and I should get them all correct because every time they tried searching for some CRM questions they kept finding my blog.

I have to say I have learnt a great deal from writing this blog because not only have I documented things I have learnt using Microsoft Dynamics CRM but I have also read a lot of other blogs looking for useful information and ideas for my blog.

It’s also good that my blog is linked to lots of different CRM forum posts helping people solve their CRM problems.

I have added a paypal donate button to the blog, I saw Tanguy the CRM tools guy had one and I thought I would put one on to see if I can get enough money to buy one beer.  Can you imagine drinking a beer your blog readers paid for.  Well actually I can’t because I don’t think the button will get used but it’s good to have hope, at least now there is a slim chance.

There is a lot of great CRM blog out there, mostly written by the CRM MVP’s, Microsoft team and Jim Glass and a few leading CRM companies.  I would say a big thanks to them for helping me with ideas, great examples of excellent blog content.

Finally thanks to everyone who has read my blog and particularly those who commented