CRM 2011/2013 – Progress of solution import

I recently had a bit of trouble getting a solution to import which you can read more about here, it was timing out when trying to import a solution.

One frustrating aspect of importing a solution is the CRM GUI basically freezes or doesn’t tell you any useful information whilst the solution is importing, you have a progress bar which doesn’t really tell you anything

So I was wondering what was happening inside CRM whilst the solution imports and found there is an ImportJob view (made up of ImportJob base and extended tables) and this holds a bunch of interesting information about the solutions you have previously imported and solutions which are currently importing and their current progress in percent.

if you run this query on on the your org database e..g (orgname_MSCRM)

select CreatedByname, OrganizationIdName, progress, Solutionname, data
from importjob (NOLOCK)

this will give you a list of all the solutions you have imported

I then found this great blog post SQL Query to get the progress of importing Customization in MS CRM 2011

This contains a query to run which will give you details on the progress of the current solution being imported


Below query will help you to find out the progress of import.


Use <<OrgName_MSCRM>>




progress                                 [Progress%],

Solutionname                             [SolutionName],

DATEADD(hh, 5.5, startedon)              [StartedOnPST],

DATEADD(hh, 5.5, completedon)            [CompletedOnPST],

DATEDIFF(second,startedon,completedon)   [TimeTakenInSec],

DATEDIFF(minute,startedon,completedon)   [TimeTakenInMin],

createdbyname                            [ImportedBy],

OrganizationIdName                       [OrgName],

Data                                     [ImportOutput]


importjob IJ (NOLOCK)


IJ.startedon DESC


This was really useful because we could see the progress of the import.  Also if it didn’t import correctly you can look at the XML in the data and see the error

I haven’t tried this on CRM 2013 but I’m guessing it has the same table with the same information in.


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