Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 18th July 2014

I didn’t think there were many articles this week but now I have herded them all together there is quite a lot

I started a new blog this week, called Hosk’s Dynamic Career blog, click here if you want to know what it’s about.

That’s enough about me and my new blog (you can also get there by clicking the cheeky ladybird on the right menu) lets gets some feel good thumbs up action



Article(s) of the week

This article compares functionality between CRM 2011 and CRM 2013, very useful for people just starting to use CRM 2013 or have to upgrade a CRM 2011.

Interesting comparison of functionality between CRM 2011 and CRM 2013

There was also a fantastic new CRM 2013 solution released this week to make navigating CRM 2013 a whole lot easier, read my review and download it, NOW!

CRM 2013 Tool – CRM 2013 One Click Navigation


The Best of the Rest

Encrypting and compressing don’t really work well together, find out why

CRM 2011 – Should you compress an Encrypted database


Two articles on improving your quick find performance and understand how things work behind the scenes

Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick Find Performance & Records Per Page Setting

Dynamics CRM Quick Find Performance, Part II


The Microsoft Dynamics Communnity site has been revamped and given a stylish makeover.  All the badges and leaderboard stuff has also been improved (I’m a level 7 CRM wizard now!), find out more

The new and improved Microsoft Dynamics Community site is launched


Business rules can hide sections and fields, this article will show you how

hiding a section using business rules in CRM 2013


Excellent step by step guide to deploy IFD in CRM 2013 but I hope I don’t have to use it.

Step by Step: Configuring CRM 2013 Internet facing deployment (IFD)


Tanguy has created a new tool to help you manage user roles

New XrmToolBox plugin : User Roles Manager


Hosk asks the questions and CRM MVP Salim Adamson answers them

CRM MVP Question and Answer – Salim Adamon


Actions a new feature in CRM 2013, CRM MVP Adam Vero explained them to me

“think of Actions as the opposite of Workflow Assemblies. WA=Code wrapped in bus. logic; Action=Bus. logic in code”

very useful, the blog below from CRM MVP Salim shows you them in action

CRM 2013 – Leveraging Actions to get around JavaScript cross-domain challenges


It’s always a good idea to refresh your DEV and QA environments

Refreshing your development or QA environment with production data


Microsoft release a rollup that can’t be used with their latest service pack??? Why do you make things so confusing Microsoft

CRM 2013: Update Rollup or Service Pack?


Hazaar you can deactivate workflows without having to assign them to your user

CRM 2013 Activate or Deactivate Workflows Owned by Another User

Find out how much you should be paid

Average wages for Dynamics Professionals in CRM 2013 and why you should know them

Some help for those studying for the CRM 2013 installation and deployment certification

Microsoft Exam MB2-702 – CRM 2013 Installation & Deployment

Cheeky way to highlight records in a view, very clever

Highlighting specific records in a view


Nice use of dialogs to replace exist functionality, something to make you think about.

Use a Dialog Process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to replace the Case Resolution Form

Good to know because it’s exactly the question a customer would ask

How To: Hide a standard ‘out of the box’ button based on a users security roles


Issue and answers to CRM 2013 upgrade problems

Issue and Workaround: Workplace Tab Removed – CRM Online 2013


Nice in built Visual Studio  functionality to convert XML data into a class

Converting XML to C# classes in one click


 Last Weeks Picks


Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 11th July 2014


Hosk Stuff (Not CRM)

Are you a premium candidate for promotion

Star player couldn’t beat a great team

Is your smartphone dumbwalking your career



The new and improved Microsoft Dynamics Community site is launched

new dynamics community site

You may have noticed (or may not have) the Microsoft Dynamics Community site has had a major face lift.  I like the blue (the colour of  Ipswich Town FC football kit), no corporate site would be complete without a picture of an office worker on the phone and look busy.

Here is a link to the new site


but if like me you are more interested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM then you want this link


It will bring you to a nice looking page

CRM Homepage

Microsoft have done well to pack a lot of dynamic information into the page, you will see it when you scroll down.

There are forum questions and answers being shown in the middle, on the right you have twitter feed for the hashtag  #msdyncrm (I would maybe add #CRM2013 as well)

On the left of the page you have link to Microsoft Blogs and below that there are community blogs where you will see a link to the trusty Hosk’s Dynamic CRM Blog, splendid.


So what else has been changed, Microsoft have a great blog post to tell you

Microsoft Dynamics Community Site Enhancements (July 2014 Release)

A quick overview

Redesigned forums

Mobile friendly User Interface

Badges and Leaderboards have been upgraded


If you want to know how things have changed and try to understand the new badges/leaderboard then you should read the release notes



Overall I think they have done a great job and it looks a lot better.


Great improvement to the leaderboards which now have lifetime leaderboards (which almost never change) but also have monthly leaderboards so you can see who has been active over the last couple of months.

The forums have changed and look a lot better and have some clever filtering so you only see suggested answers.  I’m not sure if this is good or bad yet.