Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 1st August 2014

Here are my choice of the top CRM articles this week.


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Articles of the Week

Rollup 3 fixed a bunch of niggly bugs, find out what

Rollup 3 Fixes Many Pain Points of CRM 2013

great article on the limitations of CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Limitations of Dynamics CRM Online Vs On Premises


Best of the Rest


Business rules works in pairs, find out why

CRM 2013 – Business Rules work in pairs because the condition is AND and not IF


Some positive views on Microsoft and the strategic moves, good to hear and the writer is even talking buying shares he thinks they are going to do so well, steady on chap

The Microsoft machine is back on track and I think will remain on top


What are rollups in CRM 2013 and what to watch out for

Quick Guide – What are Rollups in CRM 2013


Interesting article on how to change header fields, something customers always worry about

How to apply script on Header fields and BPF fields


view all the business rules in your CRM organisation

View Business Rules for All Entities in Dynamics CRM 2013


What are the positives about Microsoft’s partnership with Salesforce, good article which will lift your spirits

Microsoft – SFDC Announcement: This Cloud Has a Silver Lining


An article to help you decide what customization to use

JavaScript vs. Workflow vs. Plug-In


Date troubles in CRM is better than date troubles in the real world

Troubles Getting A “Date” with Dynamic CRM Soon to Be Over


Q&A with two times MCC award winner Guido Preite

CRM MCC Question and Answer – Guido Preite


nice overview of Email to case

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ‘14: Email to Case – business benefits, considerations and option for CRM 2011 customers


CRM MVP Scott Durow does some fancy Sparkle XRM tricks to create a contact card list with images, very nice

Creating a Contact Card List Web Resource with Images


How to setup auto email reply in CRM 2013/2011

Calm Down Your Upset Customer by Sending an Auto-Reply Email in CRM 2011/2013


Unsupported trickery to swap your single text field into a multi-line version

Converting Single Line Text to Multi-Line Text Using CRM SDK’s Configuration Migration Tool


What did Satya Nadella mean in his latest speech to the Microsoft employees

What is the Microsoft CEO actually saying?


CRM MVP Leon Tribe does some analysis on Sales Force and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a fancy grid

Gartner Trajectories for Sales Force Automation


interesting article on using HTML to format text in email templates

Using HTML to Format Text in Email Templates in Dynamics CRM


More Bookmarklet stuff

Temporarily Disable Auto Save in CRM 2013 with Bookmarklet


Hosk investigates why an opportunity form took over a minute to load

CRM 2013 – Microsoft CRM 2013 Opportunity form taking over a minute to load


Dynamics CRM 2013 / 2011 – On custom ribbon button click, create a new record, and open this newly created record


Why you should use getSelectionOption.text

Don’t use getSelectedOption().text


Hosk stuff – Not CRM

3 tips for a great interview


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