CRM 2013 – Microsoft CRM 2013 Opportunity form taking over a minute to load

I had a problem raised by a colleague and they were having problems with an opportunity record taking over 1 minute to load the form.

Somewhere in mind I had a misty recollection of some kind of performance analyzer on form loading and after a bit of internet search I found this great page from Gareth Tucker

This functionality seems to be well hidden and hardly mentioned anyway, which I find surprising because it’s quite useful

This is a picture of the query analyzer but the one  I see in my CRM 2013 trial doesn’t have these lovely colours


When I tried to use the performance analyzer with Chrome it closed down Chrome, I tried it twice and the same thing happened, I got a quick glimpse of the performance Analyzer and then it shut down Chrome, which was very frustrating.


IE works fine with my testing with CRM 2013 online


I have read previously people couldn’t find the performance analyzer in CRM 2013 on premise but I’m not sure if that has been added now.


In this case the performance analyser didn’t really help because the Javascript on the opportunity onload wasn’t doing anything but it was good to have a look at it, it may well be useful in the future


 Audit Log

For this particular example we could see in the audit log, numerous fields were being saved, 6 or 7 times in a row.  It seemed like the auto calculated fields were being auto calculated and this was triggering a plugin.  The plugin was changing something and it’s was going in a loop.

For some reason we could see the currency fields were changing on the onload, I’m not sure if this is a bug or something that happens for opportunities but you wouldn’t



I’m not entirely sure what was happening because I wasn’t working on the project but someone asked me my opinion.    The plugin was firing when any fields were being changed on the opportunity, this is bad practice in CRM 2011 but terrible in CRM 2013 with it’s autosave.


After changing the plugin trigger fields (I didn’t see what the plugin was actually up to), we managed to stop the looping.


It was all a bit rather strange and I couldn’t create the situation in my CRM 2013 trial so I definitely think this is some kind of problem which has been created with overlapping customization’s.

I even went through the pain of adding a price list and an item so I could add it to the opportunity.