Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 11th July 2014

It’s Friday, cheers everyone and well done Germany.  Only 2 more games to go in the world cup.


Article of the Week

Rockton Software ran a competition with a $5000 prize for the best enhancement\improvement to the CRM 2013 UI.   This blog posts show the top five and the winner.  What I found most interesting were the solutions in terms of ideas and technical solution.

The CRM 2013 Navigation Design Contest Winner is . . .


Best Of the Rest


CRM MVP Andre Margono write a good post on using OData information source in Excel.

Enable Dynamics CRM oData Query Filter for PowerQuery Performance


Nice blog post on how to develop a CRM Portal to use with CRM 2013

How to Develop a CRM Portal with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


showing process values on forms

Display Business Process Values on Forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013


trick miscellaneous privileges which have multiple access level (e.g. user/business unit/org).  Always good to remind yourself about sneaky privs

Tip #175: Miscellaneous privileges with multiple access levels


The new craze of creating Currah’s (in my mind I’m saying Hurrah) with a bunch of useful links on free icons to use in CRM 2013/2011

Free Icons for Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013


Great blog post on how to use Sub Reports and I need all the help I can get with SSRS reports the tricky minxes

CRM 2013: SSRS Report and Sub-Reports


If you answer questions on the CRM Forums there will be times when the only answer is to suggest the person raises an enhancment (bugs not allowed !!!)  on Microsoft connect.  So this is a great blog on how to do it.

How to use Microsoft Connect site


Entity Images are new in CRM 2013 so you may not know how to show them on the form but you will if you read this article

Tips: How to Display Entity Image on CRM Form


CRM 2013 CSS style reference guid

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 CSS Style Reference using Browser Developer Tools


A useful workflow to create an alert for the owner of the account when a note is added.

Create a Workflow in CRM to Alert a Record’s Owner When an Activity/Note Is Added




Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Analytics Deep Dive


Hosk Stuff

Good Practices of Good recruitment consultants


Last Weeks Top CRM Articles



4 thoughts on “Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 11th July 2014

  1. Alessio October 15, 2014 / 2:49 pm

    Hi, very heplful as eveer!
    A question: I’d like to brand the CRM 2013 online navbar with customer color, text and logo.
    Do you think is this possible? Maybe injecting a css or js in sitemap?
    Thank you,


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