Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 23rd May 2014

Welcome to another exciting week of Hosk’s Top CRM articles

Hosk Video roundup


Article of the Week

a great article from CRM MVP Adam Vero on why you should use Access Teams. There have been quite a few blogs and a videos on how to use access teams and a quick introduction to access teams but this deep dive from Adam explains WHY you should use access teams.




The Best of the Rest

This is a great article on migration tips, focusing on the database

11 Dynamics CRM Data Migration Tips


How to set up soap authentication for CRM Online using JavaScript.  A good example from Jason Lattimer CRM MVP

 SOAP Authentication to CRM Online using JavaScript


The CRM SDK update has brought in some refresh tools.  The Plugin Registration tool gets a face lift

Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 Plugin Registration Tool Revamped!


Also in the new CRM 2013 SDK update is the migration tool, this allows you to bring things like duplicate detection rules from one CRM organisation to another, which saves you have to recreate them in each instance.

Dynamics CRM 2013 SP1 SDK – New Tool: Configuration Migration


You can add use security roles to filter dashboards

Dynamics CRM Quick Tip – How to Secure Your Dashboards


Comparing filter functionality between CRM 2011 and CRM2013

Comparison of the CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 Filter Functionality


Nice trick to show you how to colour code tracked appointments in outlook

Color Code Your Calendar for Tracked Appointments in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Hosk CRM MVP questions for Blake Scarlavai

CRM MVP Question and Answer – Blake Scarlavai



Great Ribbon Workbench tutorial to show you how to add a custom advanced find in the command bar.  Very useful if you are planning to go through

Advanced Find from Form Command Bar in Dynamics CRM 2013


Hosk goes through auditing in CRM 2013 and then gives some key facts for the people studying MB2-703 CRM 2013 customization and configuration exam.

CRM 2013 – MB2-703 – Quick Overview of Auditing


linking CRM 2013 with Google Analytics – cheeky



A new CRM 2013 book is unleashed and available to buy

new CRM 2013 book – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unleashed 2013


Joel Abbot tells you why the new changes in service and case in the spring wave are good and why we should be excited

Service & Case Changes…Small But Mighty! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Spring Wave


Links to CRM 2013 documentation

CRM 2013 – Information and documentation to get you started in CRM 2013 but no User Guide


How you can add bing maps to entities quickly

 Add Bing Maps to CRM 2013 Entities Quickly and Easily


Really useful tip form Robert Peledie I had forgotten about.  When importing data into CRM 2013/2011 you have the option to create a new entity and then create new records.

Quick Create Entity in Dynamics CRM 2013 – Custom Country List Example





Video to show you how to create new entities and records using just a CRM import

Quick Create Entity in Dynamics CRM 2013


Hosk shows you how to quickly get the record id (guid) using Chrome and IE in CRM 2013

CRM 2013 – Quick way to get a guid for a record using Chrome and IE


A good/long tutorial on loading JavaScript from the CRM 2013 Developer toolkit and then how to debug the files

CRM 2013 – JavaScript tutorial using CRM 2013 Developer Toolkit


How auditing works and a few key facts from the Hosk

CRM 2013 – How Auditing works and key facts


Previous Week

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if you find reading to difficult today, why not go and watch some CRM videos on my youtube channel

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