CRM 2013 Tool – Advanced Find on record forms for CRM 2013

One of the most frustrating changes to the new UI in CRM 2013 is the disappearance of the Advanced Find button from the majority of menus.

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For some reason I struggle to find the advanced button and I’m not sure what level I have to go up to to get it.   This seems an unusual thing to do because Advanced Find is one of the most useful and import tools to users.

Luckily for us someone has helped to ease the pain of CRM 2013 users by creating a solution to simply add an advanced find onto every record

This person is CRM MVP Damian Sinay and you can follow him on twitter if you want

There isn’t much to the tool, except it puts a nice juicy advanced find on every

Here you can see a screen shot of the Advanced Find button.  You might at first think the solution hasn’t worked because you can’t see the Advanced Find button but it it’s hidden in the 3 dots (more buttons).

advanced find tool

The really good thing about the solution is you will now see an advanced find on all entities, even the custom entities.  Here is a screen shot of a custom entity and there is the advanced find.

advanced find tool 2

I had a look at the solution files and there really isn’t much in there.  The only real change is in the customization file and you can see the changes below.  I’m not quite sure how it works and how you can add a button to all entities but it works so it is good stuff.

advanced find tool 1