Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 30th May 2014

I have been on holiday this week, so I didn’t have my usual collection of articles but I have cobbled together a few articles that I read last night and some of my previous articles of the week.  I’m in a rush today (still on holiday) so I don’t have time to summarise them

Article of the Week

An interesting look at the new case creation and routing.

CRM 2013 SP1: Case Creation and Routing – The Big Picture



The Best of the Rest


 Dupe Detection on Create/Update Returned to Dynamics CRM 2013…with a bug


Optimizing SSIS with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


how to install the wave updates to your CRM


Microsoft and salesforce.com announce global, strategic partnership

With Salesforce partnership, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community backlash begins

Building Mobile applications in CRM

Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Released

Tool – Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool


CRM 2013 and the Platform Evolution: Webcast Recording and Slides


previous Hosk’s article of the week

his article by Gareth Tucker who has written any blogs this year (come back Gareth we love you) is an excellent run through JavaScript notification and he also has some other good blogs on the new CRM 2013 features



Last 4 articles of the week a great article from CRM MVP Adam Vero on why you should use Access Teams. There have been quite a few blogs and a videos on how to use access teams and a quick introduction to access teams but this deep dive from Adam explains WHY you should use access teams. http://blog.crmguru.co.uk/2014/05/16/why-use-access-teams-in-dynamics-crm-2013/



This weeks article of the week is from CRM MVP Jukka Niiranen who has written an excellent blog on one of the popular scenarios in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and something which people do seem to struggle with.

It’s a very detailed article and goes into great depth explaining the various aspects of recurring workflows.

Dynamics CRM Reminder Workflows Done Right



It’s not one article this week but four, an amazing Super hero Fiddler 2 tutorial from CRM MVP Scott Durow


This is a great blog post about Auto Save, it shows you how it works and ways to interact, turn it off and a few gotcha’s.  This article seems to collate many articles I have read on auto saving into one handy blog post.

All you want to know about Auto Save

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If you want more great articles, why not go back and read last weeks top CRM articles again, did you read them?

Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 16th May 2014

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