CRM 2013 – Information and documentation to get you started in CRM 2013 but no User Guide

A user posted on the CRM forum a question asking  if there was a CRM 2013 handbook

Now there isn’t a handbook that’s for sure but there is quite a lot of information but it’s in separate locations and a bit confusing as to what you will need.


So there isn’t a CRM 2013 user guide but what have got

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Implementation Guide



Microsoft has a CRM customer centre which is a great place to start and this has ebooks, videos and online articles to help get you started and I will admit it’s not a PDF you can print out but really once you have got use to CRM I don’t think you would need to print it out and think of the tree’s people

CRM Customer service centre

and in there they have some videos and ebooks/pdfs and top tasks…/get-started-best-bets.aspx

they do have a special section for ebooks, although they are more like short guides rather than a book

CRM 2013 eBooks

 eBook: Bring in your contacts

 eBook: Start working in CRM

 eBook: Business processes

 eBook: Change a business process

 eBook: What’s changed in this version?

There is the Training and Adoption kit for CRM 2013

which seems to show the same details in a slightly different way.

If you want a more detailed list of Dynamics CRM Help and Resources the this link is pretty good

OR you have these links

Find everything you need to know to manage the system every day

Administration Guide

Get info about planning and deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Implementation Guide

Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to match your business needs

Customization Guide

Get info designed for IT pros who administer Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM IT Pro Center

Get developer resources and see sample code

CRM Developer Center

Finally, you want a book, here’s a book (sort of, a website really)

there is this a free online book from powerobjects has a good mix of basic stuff and some CRM admin