CRM 2011 – Tool – Sitemap editor for CRM 2011

The man of 1000 CRM tools has solved one of the more tricky areas of CRM 2011, editing the sitemap.  He recently added in a viewer but has now gone one step better and created a CRM 2011 site map editor, WOOHOO

here is a link to the blog

and he has created a codeplex project which you should go and download the tool here


here is a brief description of the tool


  • Connections to OnPremise, Online and Claim based deployments
  • Solution management: Open or Create a solution with SiteMap included
  • TreeView display of SiteMap
  • Add SiteMap component with mouse usage
  • Add default SiteMap component if you removed one
  • Cut/Copy/Paste of SiteMap component
  • Display Xml of SiteMap component
  • Add SiteMap component from Xml
  • Reste SiteMap to default system one
  • Import back the solution



Tanguy has done a lot CRM 2011 tools, here are the other tools he has done

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