CRM 4 – Why downloading CRM 4 plugin dll’s is useful

It’s funny how things of interest and usefulness can turn up at exactly the right time, it’s frustrating when they turn up after you have solved the problem.

Today one of my CRM buddies was wondering what values were set in a CRM 4 plugin and we weren’t sure what code was actually deployed in a plugin.

I then happily chirp up that just yesterday I blogged about  a perfect tool for this problem.  So after remembering the tool was a command line tool we managed to export the dll’s and then we used, which is a dll decompiler to see what was in our own dll (it sounds a bit daft when you say it out loud).

Hey Presto we could work out what code had been deployed.

This is a very useful tool if you have been left to look after a project after someone has left.

CRM 2011 – A tool to recover deleted CRM records

I remember reading somewhere that records are never deleted in CRM, instead their state is set to deleted.  I’m not sure if that is true but I think that’s because I haven’t had to retrieve any deleted items so haven’t worried about seeing if this was true

today I found a tool which says it can recover deleted records, here is how it describes the tool

Record Recovery gives a system user the ability to recover deleted CRM records. Providing that auditing is enabled this tool can utilise auditing data to recover deleted records. Record Recovery has been produced using the Microsoft Silverlight 4 framework and integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Record Recovery is one tool that CRM developers and consultants alike should have in their arsenal.

you can go here to read about the tool, you will need to sign up for the website but you can then download the tool for free

interestingly it comes as a solution file, I don’t know why I find this unusual because it’s actually a very neat way of doing things.

I’m not sure how it works but when I tried to use it said that auditing has to be enabled.  So I guess it picks up the audited values and then recreates them?

This solution sets the mind thinking, very interesting indeed.  It might be more interesting once I actually get it to work but I will probably file it away for now until I need it later



CRM 2011 – Tool – Sitemap editor for CRM 2011

The man of 1000 CRM tools has solved one of the more tricky areas of CRM 2011, editing the sitemap.  He recently added in a viewer but has now gone one step better and created a CRM 2011 site map editor, WOOHOO

here is a link to the blog

and he has created a codeplex project which you should go and download the tool here


here is a brief description of the tool


  • Connections to OnPremise, Online and Claim based deployments
  • Solution management: Open or Create a solution with SiteMap included
  • TreeView display of SiteMap
  • Add SiteMap component with mouse usage
  • Add default SiteMap component if you removed one
  • Cut/Copy/Paste of SiteMap component
  • Display Xml of SiteMap component
  • Add SiteMap component from Xml
  • Reste SiteMap to default system one
  • Import back the solution



Tanguy has done a lot CRM 2011 tools, here are the other tools he has done