CRM 2013 Tool Review – Dynamics CRM Organisation Settings Editor

I was getting a timeout error when importing a solution (actually a whole bunch of errors but I won’t go into that now) and I searched the internet for the answer and came right back to my own blog, thanks Marvelous Hosk for writing that blog post

CRM 2011 – A time-out occurs when you import a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The blog and KB article link said I should update the OLEDBTimeout value.  It jogged my memory to try out the The Dynamics CRM Organisation Settings Editor or OrgDBOrgSettings as it is known.

The tool was created by seanmcne who is a CRM Premier Field Engineer on the Dynamics PFE Team (I refer to as the A Team) and he has been working with CRM since 2004 and Microsoft CRM 1.0!!

The first thing I will add this tool has some great simple documentation.

What does it do

I will quote from the codeplex site for the project

This is a utility allowing admins of Dynamics CRM (2011/2013 – online & onPrem) to edit their organization database settings otherwise known as OrgDBOrgSettings

This utility allows you to edit your settings without the use of the command line utility in the KB article documenting “OrgDBOrgSettings.” The utility is written using the CRM SDK as a reference and currently all changes and retrieval of settings are done via the CRM’s OData Endpoint. The utility is provided as a managed webresource that can easily be installed and uninstalled from your CRM environment.

How is it setup

The project is a managed solution and only adds a few files.  You may add it, change the values and remove it

How do I use it

once you have imported the solution, go to solutions, click on the solution

Organization Settings Editor

Then here  click on configuration and this is where you can use the solution to change the DBOrg settings

Below is the screen you will see

What version of CRM

It will work with CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 and I should think it will continue to work with CRM 2015

Why is good

The reason why it is good because it means you can Add/Edit OrgDBOrgSettings without using a command line tool.

A really great piece of functionality is it links to the KBArticle, so you can understand what the change will do and why you might need to do it.

I also think it’s good it doesn’t have its own site map button because it means it just hides itself away.


For those of your sharp-eyed folk you will of course notice the OLEDBTimeout setting isn’t in the database – OrgDBOrgSettings it’s actually in registry of the CRM Server.

My article didn’t help because the timeout was already set to a large number and the web config httpRuntime maxRequestLength had been increased, so it’s back to the drawing board for this error

More CRM 2013 Tool Reviews

CRM 2013 Tool – Sync Filter Manager

I (and everyone who uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM) subscribe to Tanguy Touzard’s excellent blog Dynamic CRM Tools .  For those of you who don’t know about Tanguy he is a CRM MVP and has created many many tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In fact when I think we  should get Tanguy to change his surname to TOOLzard

The best thing about Tanguy’s tool is it’s completely free and available on codeplex, click here to get it, it has the catchy name

He has created a swiss army knife tool, which has all these tools/plugins inside it

Solution Transfer Tool
Access Checker
Attribute Bulk Updater
Audit Center
FetchXml Tester
Metadata Document Generator
Privileges Discovery
Role Updater
Script Finder
SiteMap Editor
Solution Import
Easy Translator
View Layout Replicator
Web Resources Manager

but today people he has added another tool to the growing list and he calls it

The Magical Sync Filter Whizzbang Manager

well actually he didn’t call it that but I think if he did it would definitely make it sound more exciting, the real name is

Sync Filter Manager

Here is a picture of the tool

The next question you are asking yourself is what does it do and why is it good.  Well the tool allows you to globally manage users filters and this very useful because usually each user has to manage their own filters but in reality what this really means is a CRM person has to go to every laptop and setup and manage the filters which can take quite a lot of time and involve synchronizing schedules so people are in the office etc.

here is what the tool can do

With this tool, you can:

  • List and delete System Synchronization filter: These filters applies to all users and users can’t change them.
  • List, delete, define as default and apply Synchronization Filters Templates to users: These filters applies to users you choose and users can delete these filters if they want to. (Note: Although there can be multiple filters per entity listed in the Default Local Data Rules, CRM only allows one rule per entity to have the “Is Default” attribute set to “True” – Only Default Local Data Rules where the “Is Default” attribute is “True” will be copied to the selected user when a user is ‘created’ or ‘reset’)
  • List, enable, disable and delete Users synchronization filters: They are the filters currently in use for users.
  • List System views. You can also create a system rule or a rule template from a system view. It is also possible to update an existing system rule or rule template from a system view.
  • List users: This action will replace all synchronization rules for the selected user(s) with the organization’s default local data rules. Any user-created rules will be removed.


If you have used Tanguy’s tools and it has helped you out then you can thank by giving him some money via paypal on his blog



CRM 2011 Tool – Visual Ribbon Editor

For all those people who have wrestled with changing the Ribbon in CRM 2011 help is at hand.

There is a gui editor a Visual Ribbon editor to be more precise.

go and get it from codeplex

if you aren’t exited yet have a look at the screen shots below and I believe you will be sold on the tool.

Editing a Button



Use the Action tab to define what happens when the user clicks the custom button:



Use the EnableRules and DisplayRules tabs to define when the button is enabled or visible.



CRM 2011 – Excellent Development resources

I stumbled on this page today, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Portal

CRM Developer portal

CRM MVP’s Wiki –

Brilliant page – Crash course in CRM 2011 development

I was very impressed with the page above, if you are starting out as a CRM developer then the above link is a really good start.


CRM 2011 Hub

The CRM resource centre

The CRM 2011 online resource centre

CRM 2011 Tool – Solution Import for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Tanguy, everyone’s favourite CRM MVP, who is also known as the CRM Tool guy has been busy.  He has created a tool for importing solutions into CRM 2011.  You can read about the solution on his blog or get it from codeplex

Initially I wasn’t sure of the value of this tool because it didn’t seem that different from just importing the solution yourself but after a bit of thinking and investigation I think I understand the benefits.

Basically the tool saves you some time because it imports the solution, activities the plugins, workflows and publishes the solution as well, all with one button press.  I have to say I often forget to publish the solution.

CRM 2011 – A tool to recover deleted CRM records

I remember reading somewhere that records are never deleted in CRM, instead their state is set to deleted.  I’m not sure if that is true but I think that’s because I haven’t had to retrieve any deleted items so haven’t worried about seeing if this was true

today I found a tool which says it can recover deleted records, here is how it describes the tool

Record Recovery gives a system user the ability to recover deleted CRM records. Providing that auditing is enabled this tool can utilise auditing data to recover deleted records. Record Recovery has been produced using the Microsoft Silverlight 4 framework and integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Record Recovery is one tool that CRM developers and consultants alike should have in their arsenal.

you can go here to read about the tool, you will need to sign up for the website but you can then download the tool for free

interestingly it comes as a solution file, I don’t know why I find this unusual because it’s actually a very neat way of doing things.

I’m not sure how it works but when I tried to use it said that auditing has to be enabled.  So I guess it picks up the audited values and then recreates them?

This solution sets the mind thinking, very interesting indeed.  It might be more interesting once I actually get it to work but I will probably file it away for now until I need it later



CRM 2011 – Tool – Sitemap editor for CRM 2011

The man of 1000 CRM tools has solved one of the more tricky areas of CRM 2011, editing the sitemap.  He recently added in a viewer but has now gone one step better and created a CRM 2011 site map editor, WOOHOO

here is a link to the blog

and he has created a codeplex project which you should go and download the tool here


here is a brief description of the tool


  • Connections to OnPremise, Online and Claim based deployments
  • Solution management: Open or Create a solution with SiteMap included
  • TreeView display of SiteMap
  • Add SiteMap component with mouse usage
  • Add default SiteMap component if you removed one
  • Cut/Copy/Paste of SiteMap component
  • Display Xml of SiteMap component
  • Add SiteMap component from Xml
  • Reste SiteMap to default system one
  • Import back the solution



Tanguy has done a lot CRM 2011 tools, here are the other tools he has done

CRM 2011 – Tool – Ribbon Browser for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

The excellent CRM tools creator Tanguy has woken from his slumber and created another interesting tool to make our lives easier in CRM 2011.

He has created a tool to browse the Ribbon in CRM 2011.  I have to admit the Ribbon is a bit of a tricky beast to get used to, so any help with working with it is very welcome indeed.

you can find the tool at his blog (where you can also donate some money if you are feeling generous) here

or you can go to codeplex and download it

Project Description
This tool helps developer to browse ribbons in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

It makes easier to identify ribbon controls properties.

Application Prerequisites
This application requires the following components installed:

  • Framework .Net 4
  • Windows Identity Framework

Application Screenshot

Ribbon Browser

CRM 2011 Tools – Search property updater and view layout replicator

I found a couple of good CRM 2011 tools this week.  They are from the excellent blog – Dynamic CRM Tools

He has also had 30000 hits today, well done sir and keep up the good work.  Reading his profile on his blog you have to give some credit in the CRM world because he has been working with CRM since version 1.2, now that is dedication.

He has release a couple of useful tools for CRM 2011.  The first one is a Search property updater.  This allows you set whether fields are searchable or not.  You can do it through CRM but this is just a bit of a shortcut.  You can find this tool at codeplex here

The next tool is is a view layout replicator for CRM 2011, this is also on Codeplex here. This is another time saving tool which allows you to replicate other views quickly by copying their layout.

It’s worth checking out Tanguy’s blog because you never know when he is going to update or create another CRM 2011 tool.