CRM 2011 – The Best Weekly CRM articles – March week 2

Posted on March 11, 2011


Although I tweet some article which I think are interesting or worth reading I often feel that tweets can slip past too quickly and because of the timeline and subscribing to lots of tweets you end up missing or not being able to find the tweet again.

So I thought I would create a weekly round up of some of the interesting articles I have read this week.

Using oData and JSON in CRM – a walkthrough showing you how to set up oData and JSON in CRM 2011

CRM oData query designer – great tool for creating and testing oData queries

Excel 2010 and Data Import Templates –

Power of blogging – a blog entry by my good self about how companies are using blogging to raise awareness and generate work

CRM 2011 licensing changes – Microsoft have added a new license, making it 90 percent cheaper to create a portal using the CRM 2011 SDK.

Video using fetch xml to create reports in CRM 2011

Using Plugins to modify views

Richard Knudson – CRM 2011 Goal Management – Understanding Goal Criteria and rollup queries

Richard has written an excellent article explaining goal management.

Adding records to queue’s with workflows in CRM 2011

this article explains how to use queues inside workflows

Enforce Consistency and Streamline Tasks with Prompt andResponse Dialogs in Microsoft CRM 2011

Using dialogues

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