The power of blogging – Why CRM companies are using blogs to get ahead

I read an excellent blog from Mike Ames today, it was called Using Blogs to help in business development .  I am not saying the blog is excellent just because it mentions me and this CRM blog (although that obviously helps).  Like most of Mike’s blog entries it got me thinking about the effects writing this blog has had for me.

I have started blogging about CRM 2011 since the start of the year and I have found it a very useful tool for these reasons.

  • An excellent way to learn about the new features in CRM 2011 and share this knowledge.
  • I follow other blogs to keep up to date with CRM 2011
  • It helps you stick out amoungst a crowd of other CRM developers/consultants
  • It helps you create connections in the CRM world as you start to open dialogues with other CRM bloggers via this blog and theirs.
  • blogging about CRM 2011 features helps you understand the features better.  I also think you have to understand something in detail to be able to explain it other people
  • The blog will be a useful it I go for a job using CRM, I think you can get a good idea of the type of person I am and my knowledge of CRM
  • A blog associcates you with CRM and positive action with CRM, e.g. usually solving a problem


After reading Mike’s article it got me thinking about how companies use blogging and twitter.  There are some good examples of companies/individuals using blogs to promote their business and consistantly remind potential customers how good they are creating CRM solutions.  Some of the companies that spring to mind are

Sonoma partners –

Richard Knudson –

Power Objects –

Customer Effective –


There are probably loads of other blogs and companies but these one spring to mind. They are well known and well respected in the CRM community, they have also used their blogs to promote the companies and their ability to create CRM solutions.  When you compare this to a companies website these seems like a great idea.  There isn’t really much reason for people to visit companies website more than once, once you have read it the information doesn’t really change and people don’t go back (it’s basically a sales pitch)

Blogs on the other hand are constently supplying people with new information and not only that but useful information which can help people using CRM.  so not only do they keep getting people coming back to their blog and maybe website by they are constently advertising their company/organisation with successful CRM stories.  At the same time companies with success blogs are inceasing their reputations and increasing the chances of potential clients will hear about them.

I’m surprised more companies don’t do have blogs because who would you rather do business with, someone who blogs about the successful implementations, clever CRM solutions, well respected and known in the CRM community or another company who just has a website telling you what they might be able to with CRM.


6 thoughts on “The power of blogging – Why CRM companies are using blogs to get ahead

  1. Soffront Software March 7, 2011 / 11:58 pm

    As a CRM company that blogs, we absolutely agree that blogging is a great resource for the software business. Thanks for the great article!


  2. Infinity Web Design March 8, 2011 / 12:55 pm

    This is a great and useful piece – many thanks. Too often businesses suffer from the build and they will come myth, and standalone web designers do nothing to dispel this myth. We come across lots of business owners with multiple websites poorly built with no SEO, no marketing and hence no visitors. Blogging is another tool to be kept in the marketing “set”. Thank you again.


  3. Hosk March 8, 2011 / 1:12 pm

    thanks for the comments.

    I think businesses need to change their thinking to come to terms with static and active content. Web sites are basically static content, they are sales brochures. Not many people seek out sales brochures.

    active content is things like newsletter, twitter, blogs. These are all tools to help raise awareness of your company and the services you supply.

    I agree with the comment from Infinity Web Design, customers are not going to be rushing up to you with business you have to go out and get them. The first step is to get their interest, get them to know who you are and what you do.


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