CRM 2011 – Microsoft’s Brad Wilson Discusses CRM 2011 and the Cloud

You will have seen on various CRM blogs, videos featuring a series of interviews with Microsoft’s Brad Wilson and his thoughts on CRM and Microsoft’s strategy regarding CRM 2011.  These interview were done by Software Advice and I thought this was a good way to raise the profile of their company, whilst also creating some interesting videos.

You will have seen the videos featured on many CRM blogs (mine included), how did these interviews managed to be featured on so many blogs I hear you say.  Well Lauren Carlson from Software Advice politly told the various CRM blogs she had done a few interviews with Brad Wilson and would they like to feature some of the interviews on their blogs.  Ha! it’s as easy as that.

Anyway they have finished released all of the interviews and I am linking to them all

“What is the state of the CRM software industry?”

“What’s the strategy behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’s low price point?”

“What percentage of customers choose the cloud?”

“How can Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners survive in the cloud era?”


“Is the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace a success?”

“What is Microsoft’s strategy to compete in the marketing automation market?”


“What’s New in Dynamics CRM 2011?”

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