CRM 2011 – The Dynamics Marketplace is buzzing

I was looking at CRM 2011 and when I was in Settings/Customizations instead of clicking on solutions I clicked on Dynamics Marketplace.  I then was suprised to find there were items in the popular  and also a list of items in the newest.

This is quite a powerful piece of advertising for the companies and their Add-on’s/accelerators. They are beaming their CRM good directly to everyone who has CRM 2011 deployed!!  Here is a picture of what’s on offer

It’s interesting because there are a few offerings like the Lead Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has 10 reviews all with a 5 star rating.  Now I don’t really know much about Lead Management but this is quite an impressive review and if it works like Amazon or eBay then the recommendations will be a very powerful tool in getting customers to trust you.