CRM 2015 – How to add users

I had to go through one of the CRM 2015 rites of passage this week, I tried to do the what I thought would be easy task of adding a user to CRM.

I have added thousands, no Millions (warning dramatic exaggeration being used) of users, so I wasn’t expecting to have any difficultly.

I went to check what users were added to CRM

I navigated to

SETTINGS –> Administration


where has users gone?

Did I have the correct security role?

they always use to be visible

Not only security is missing by security roles, field level security, business units and a bunch of other


It was the kind of frustration only using CRM can bring out of me, like when Internet explorer slowly crashes all open pages one at a time.

If you want to read more frustrations of a CRM developer

go away you paperclip video

So where is it?

On SETTINGS, scroll along DA DA


Gone! 1

Here are all your security needs

Gone! 2

Why did I miss it?

The question was why didn’t I see this, I even scrolled along looking for it and still missed it.

It’s the menu system used in CRM 2015, it’s not easy to use

  • It’s slow to use
  • it’s tricky and precise
  • It doesn’t seem intuitive

I have talked about the design in more detail in this article

Good CRM design should not make users think


the fact it can disappear just as you look for which option you might need is very frustrating and I can’t work out why Microsoft have designed the navigation like this.

It seems to me Microsoft Dynamics is using a design for tablets where space is at a premium but the reality is most CRM users are using desktops and possibly two monitors, so it’s space which is the primary concern for users but ease and speed of navigation.

I read a good article about an alertnative method of navigating CRM by book marking key areas, this offers a quick one click way to move between key pages in CRM

CRM Navigation Hacking with Bookmarks

I will mention the best navigation improvement is

 CRM 2013 One Click Navigation

You can read my review of it here or watch the video below

Here is my list of top CRM 2013 tools