Hosk Top CRM Articles of the week – 20th Feb

Article of the Week

This article explains how you can prepare for a CRM 2015 upgrade.

CRM 2015 Upgrade: A Few Things You Can Prepare Ahead of Time


Best of the Rest

I wrote a very long blog post on why rushed code and projects doesn’t save time, If you haven’t read it then I think you should
Why rushed projects/code doesn’t save time and reduces



Very good blog post by CRM MVP Jukka about how to use bookmarks to speed up your CRM 2015/2013 navigation

CRM Navigation Hacking with Bookmarks

A great blog post looking the new CRM 2015 hierarchical security model

Exploring the Hierarchical Security model in CRM 2015


How to add users in CRM 2015, could be trickier than you think

CRM 2015 – How to add users


When you write a plugin, you often need to debug it to see what it’s doing. Videos are always good when understanding development.

Good video on debugging plugins in CRM 2015


Understand what it means to put a plugin in the sandbox

Understanding Plugin sandbox mode

A new FetchXML tool

FetchXML Builder for XrmToolbox

Useful, just the kind of thing a customer would ask for

Dynamics PDF – Convert CRM Reports to PDF & Attach to Email


How to Load test using the visual studio ultimate edition (warning costly).

Load Testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013


If you are upgrading to CRM 2015 and you have some customizations to upgrade then use the custom code validation tool to check they are ok
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Custom Code Validation Tool

If you want to some words of wisdom from the Hosk

HoskWisdom – Hosk Developer Quotes