CRM 2011 – Add Spell Checker to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application

I have worked on couple of CRM 4 projects where the users have complained about the lack of spell checking inside CRM, so it was with great interest that I saw this blog post Daniel Cai’s blog.  On the blog post Dan has found a free spell checking add for internet explorer and the most important feature of the add on is it can spell check any fields in CRM.

I had also used iespell on a customer site and although it was better than nothing, I also felt it could be improved and so I was interested to read his post on a new add on called Speckie

This is another good post which shows why Daniel’s blog has had over 50000 page views recently

Add Spell Checker to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application

In CRM projects, I often hear the complaints about the lack of spell checking feature in CRM application. Most business users tend to believe it’s the application’s fault for not having such important feature. In fact, spell checking should be something offered by browser. If you have ever tried any other browsers in the market, you may have noticed that most browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari) nowadays are offering spell checking feature out-of-the-box. IE has been pretty much the only exception among those modern browsers in this perspective.

I was previously aware of an IE addon called ieSpell which offers spell checking solution in IE. But it is far from being an ideal solution because it doesn’t instantly highlight any wrong spellings, which in my opinion makes it almost useless.

I happened to come across another free IE addon called Speckie this week which I believe provides a much better spell checking solution in IE. So I thought I should share with everyone here.

After you have installed Speckie, you may notice that Speckie doesn’t perform spell check for single line textbox field by default. If you want to enable this option, you can go to IE Tools menu, and click “Speckie Options“.

Speckie Options

Then you can check “Enable spell check in single line edit fields” option, and click “Apply” button.

Configure Speckie

After you have done so, you should restart your browser in order for the option to take effect.

The following are a few screenshots in action.

  • Speckie spell checking for MSCRM4 textbox field

Spell Check for CRM4 Textbox Field

  • Speckie spell checking for MSCRM4 notes field

Spell Check for CRM4 Notes Field

  • Speckie spell checking for MSCRM4 textbox field

Spell Check for CRM2011 Textbox Field

I have only been using this addon for a couple of days, I cannot endorse the quality and reliability of this addon. But I am so far very happy with it.

Hope this helps.

8 thoughts on “CRM 2011 – Add Spell Checker to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application

  1. Neil May 19, 2011 / 11:10 am

    Works brilliantly with the CRM 2011 Web Client, however not the CRM Outlook Client as the CRM Outlook Client seems to take over the IE Browser window disabling add-ons like Speckie. Are there other options for the CRM Outlook Client???


  2. Alisatir Dickinson September 2, 2011 / 3:51 pm

    Hi All

    We should have our eSpell solution ready next week which is a solution plugin, ok its not free but when are solutions, but works well with the outlook client and puts a nice spell check button on the related entity tool bar


  3. Vijay Karmegam December 13, 2011 / 9:51 pm

    Speckie does not work well in CRM 2011 Notes section(does not give any gramatical suggestions even though it hightlight the error. Any idea why?



  4. Babaghanog September 5, 2012 / 11:11 am

    Man You are wonderful, helpful and Awesome thanks for Amazing Solution 😀


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