CRM 2011 – JavaScript Cheat Sheet

Another fantastic post by one of the top CRM bloggers, there is some great CRM blogs this week, almost too many for me to read.

Daniel Cai hot on the heels of breaking the 50000 page views show us why his CRM blog is so popular by making a fantastic Javascript development Cheat Sheet and you can read about in this blog post

I know the Javascript changes have been probably the most confusing development change from CRM 4 to CRM 2011, the Microsoft team completely ripped up the old way of Javascript development which gave people quite a steep learning curve, with the bonus they couldn’t bring their CRM 4 code with them (you can but it won’t be supported for ever).  I know readers of this blog find it confusing because my blog post

CRM 2011 – Javascript xrm page basics

has been the most popular blog post for the last month.

CRM 2011 – Comparison between CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 Javascript

has also been very popular and it has a good syntax example for the main CRM 2011 Javascript calls.

Now with Daniels new Javascript cheat sheet which you can get here

In his blog he also talks about the new changes and defends the new Javascript syntax by making two excellent points

  • The first motivation is really about the industry standard of JavaScript development. In CRM 4, we use syntax everywhere, which is really convenient. But it is actually against the best practice in JavaScript development, as this technique is not supported by any other browsers. You may think that CRM2011 is only supported by IE at this moment anyway, why would I care about any other browsers. You are right, CRM2011 is not a cross-browser application, but it doesn’t mean that is going to be the case forever. I am relatively confident that the next MSCRM will be a cross-browser one. In fact, I had a close look of some CRM 2011 JavaScript code the other day, I was under the impression that CRM team (probably part of the team) might have tried to make MSCRM 2011 a cross-browser one, but they didn’t make the cut for some reasons.

  • The new CRM 2011 library provides a lot more richer API than CRM4. So we shall require less hacking code if we can take full advantage of the new library, which makes our code more compatible with the future versions.

  • I agree with the two points made on Dan’s blog.  Initially it took me a while to understand the Javascript syntax and it was very frustrating because there didn’t seem to be much help in the SDK to start with.  The examples were too complex and the SDK didn’t give you much help understanding the syntax.

    I think now with the cheat sheet, Javascript basic entries on this blog and the examples on many other blogs, not to mention the SDK finally has pages on the subject, I think people should be able to easily get going with the Javascript changes in CRM 2011.  Once you are over the initial hurdle then the new syntax is straight forward.

    In fact the way the code has been separated is quite logical and the new code does adhere to Javascript standards.

    I don’t see any reason why people should be using and it’s worth making sure you don’t fall back in this easy way out because Microsoft will stop supporting this and you will find yourself having a tricky and boring upgrading task on your hands.


    CRM 2011 – Plugin Message list

    I have google this question loads and loads and never seemed to get close to find a list of the messages avaiable in plugins.

    in fact if you type into google

    CRM 2011 Plugin Messages

    you won’t get a list of messages, you get a list of random stuff and I couldn’t find these in the SDK but luckily today Jamie Miley has them all listed on his blog, which is an excellent blog by the way, I have featured quite a few of Javascript entries on my blog, so you should definitely bookmark his blog, particularly if you are CRM Developer.

    I often wondered how many plugin messages there were and it turns out there are loads because Jamie can’t even list them all one one blog post and has had to put it over two blog posts

    Part 1

    part 2

    I want this list to be available on my computer so I have put them into an excel file which you can download yourself by clicking on the link below

    CRM 2011 Plugin Messages

    Once again thanks a lot Jamie I have been looking for this list for weeks.

    actually Jamie sent me a message saying

    On 04/11/11 2:58 PM, Jamie Miley wrote:——————–

    I noticed you published a spreadsheet out there with the full list of messages.  I just wanted to mention quickly that such a spreadsheet already exists (it was the basis of my blog) in the SDK in the /tools directory.


    who would have thought that all the time the information was already sitting on my machine in the CRM sdk /tools directory and it goes by the name of

    message-entity support for plug-ins.xlsx

    well if Microsoft had mentioned this information in a more obvious fashion I wouldn’t have been searching google for it.

    CRM 2011 video – Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Claims-based Authentication

    I found this video on  youtube about Claims based authentication in CRM 2011, this is the new authentication brought into CRM 2011

    I found another couple of interesting videos by the same youtube account as well

    Demo: Document Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and SharePoint

    Demo: Flexible Goal Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011