Business winning courgettes and why multi tasking slows you down

I’m part of a business management group with Mike Ames Flair project, this is because Mike works in the same building and used to be director of Crimson Ltd

Mike is a business development coach who previously built up a company and sold it for 40 million, so getting any advice from Mike is good stuff, plus you can usually wangle a pint if you catch him at the bar.

Business development sounds a bit naff when you read it, it’s reminds of words like “in the cloud”, “social Media”, “internet 2” you are never totally sure what they mean.  I will use this blog post to encourage people to invest some time in it and if you are lucky enough to catch a talk from Mike then I recommend you do it.

Business development in my opinion is basically making yourself more efficient and making the most of your time and situations.  I have been on Mike Flair training course and it’s extremely useful and interesting.  I had been a fan of listening to self help books, things like 7 habits of successful people, Tony Robbins book awake the giant within, 4 day week, who moved my cheese etc etc, The 1 minute manager.

To sum these books up it’s basically about making goals, making a plan and prioritising your time to achieve them.  One of my biggest annoyances in life is battling against procrastination and wasted time.  I recommend reading/listening to these books and if you can get yourself on a business development course then do it.

Mike has got some guinea pigs to help him with new material and he has created the Flair tribe group and for this group we had to write a blog.  Today my blog has been published on Mike’s blog and you can read it here

There was also another guest blog post this week which I really enjoyed with the excellent title of

Is it possible to win new business by using courgettes?

it’s a bit of a Friday diversion for you, everyone needs a rest from CRM once in a while.

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