New Job at Ciber UK

I have been quiet for a while and that’s because I have been mega busy because at the start of the year I started a new job.

I am now a CRM consult at Ciber UK which is a CRM gold partner.

I had a week of finding my feet and installing various software, learning company policy etc but I was soon put on a project and am now doing some CRM development.

The project I am working on is the first proper agile project I have worked on.

It’s good fun all working in the same room, with a board of tasks watching the sticky notes being moved down to see how much we have done and how much we have to do.  I enjoyed the sprint planning days (although they can feel long) when the team go through the stories and then create some tasks before finally all estimating how many hours each task is going to take.

Now I am settled in I will make sure I get back on blogging.

CRM 2011 – IFrame opening new page problem

I had a tricky problem, where I wanted to show a grid of records on an entity which didn’t have a direct relationship with those records.

Because there wasn’t a direct relationship I couldn’t show a grid of filtered records.

The way I got around this was to show a view inside an iFrame.  On the onload of the page I would adjust the view to use guid of the regarding item on my task.

This showed a view of items filtered by the guid of the record in the regarding.  The problem then occurred when I clicked on one of the items in grid.  Instead of taking me to the item, it loaded a new page which contained just the view and then I could click the item.

I couldn’t work out why this wasn’t working so I had a look at the properties of the iFrame and there is an option

Restrict cross-frame scripting

I noticed this was ticked, so I unticked and then it was working.

The reason I think it wasn’t working was because I was trying to click on a hyperlink which would take me to the record.  I guess this hyperlink was seen as cross frame scripting, so by allowing this it allowed the hyperlink to work.