CRM 2011 – IFrame opening new page problem

I had a tricky problem, where I wanted to show a grid of records on an entity which didn’t have a direct relationship with those records.

Because there wasn’t a direct relationship I couldn’t show a grid of filtered records.

The way I got around this was to show a view inside an iFrame.  On the onload of the page I would adjust the view to use guid of the regarding item on my task.

This showed a view of items filtered by the guid of the record in the regarding.  The problem then occurred when I clicked on one of the items in grid.  Instead of taking me to the item, it loaded a new page which contained just the view and then I could click the item.

I couldn’t work out why this wasn’t working so I had a look at the properties of the iFrame and there is an option

Restrict cross-frame scripting

I noticed this was ticked, so I unticked and then it was working.

The reason I think it wasn’t working was because I was trying to click on a hyperlink which would take me to the record.  I guess this hyperlink was seen as cross frame scripting, so by allowing this it allowed the hyperlink to work.

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