Dynamic Connector upgrade Gotcha

A quick blog post about a little gotcha I found with a recent Dynamic Connector upgrade.

I upgraded an existing Dynamic Connector configuration and everything seemed to go ok but when I looked at the maps I could see that when I clicked on some of the custom maps I had made it wasn’t showing them saying

“Object Does not exist” or something like that

and then the map is blank and you cannot see any of the fields.

The reason for this was because it had only loaded the default maps, I had to run the configuration utility and tick all the custom (non default) maps and then it turned out the maps were ok.


I frustrating thing I find with the Dynamic Connector is that every time I search for an error the only source of information I come to is this blog.  I wish more people would blog about the Connector and wish the Connector team would blog more about the connector and the problems that crop up.

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