Hosk’s Top CRM articles of the week 3rd October 2014

Thumbs up for friday everyone

Articles of the Week

I will add this as one of my top articles, it’s not really an article but it’s very useful because the blogs on the list are excellent

The top 25 CRM blogs


This article from Guido is great, it takes a question from the forum, an answer from CRM MVP Scott Durow, followed by some hard work by Guido to create the full solution, great work.

Check if a User has a specific Privilege


I will add another because I can, it’s from the snooze Berry, Dave Berry.  It was written when Dave use to blog (pre snooze), although I have been informed from the great Berry himself he is busying doing great things with TypeScript and CRM

Entity.GetAttributeValue<T> Explained


Best of the Rest


Interesting article showing  you how to compare 2 lines in your fiddler trace

Comparing Sessions in Fiddler


A quick definition on business rules
CRM 2013 – Quick Guide to Business Rules


Add CRM DLL’s via the internet not you local drive

Don’t load CRM dll’s from the local folder, go to the internet


How to convert HTML to plain text for an email with a plugin

CRM 2013 – Convert Email HTML to Plain Text


The error and the solution

Assembly generation failed — referenced assembly does not have a strong name


Great article from Guido with a reference to Dave Berry



An error caused by Odata query with null guid value

CRM 2011 – UnRecognized ‘Edm.Guid’ literal ‘guid’null


Are people starting to like Microsoft again?

Common things to check if your CRM is down

Microsoft Dynamics CRM not working? check these common causes


Hosk learnt a few things whilst reviewing javascript

CRM 2011 – Things learnt when reviewing Javascript code on form loads

A quick start to getting started with fiddler

Getting Started with Fiddler and CRM


A tool you can add (at a cost) to performance test CRM 2013 using fiddler

Performance testing with stress Stimulus in CRM 2013

Timers in CRM 2013 and ways to use them

The Best Little Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Feature You Might Not Know What To Do With: Timers

How to debug those pesky ribbons
CRM Ribbon Problems


A new CRM 2015 feature

Nested Quick Create in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015


Using goals to schedule a daily job, very clever

Scheduling Recurring Workflows for a Nightly Processing Service


CRM 2013 interview question and things to consider

CRM 2013 Interview Question – What things should you consider when choosing between CRM online or on Premise


Great description of leads

Leads are like Zombies


CRM Exams are reduced in price until December

15 percent of CRM exams until DEC with these codes


How will Microsoft Social Listening sell?


Quick Guide – What are Rollups in CRM 2013

great idea allowing people to write their own help, good listening Microsoft

Write custom help in CRM 2015

Question on the Hosk CRM Career blog

I have passed MB2-703 should I take the equivalent CRM 2011 certification



Watch out for career climate change

Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions

Are people starting to like Microsoft again?

How will Microsoft Social Listening sell?

Hosk’s Top CRM 2013 articles of the week 4th July 2014

It’s a new month, number 7 already!  I just got really confused because the title of the post had 2013 in it but it’ clearly 2014 but then I remember it’s the CRM product is called CRM 2013.  I think I can almost use the line below

This weeks lots of CRM MVP’s got reknighted, well done boys and girls and keep up the great work.

I got my first CRM Microsoft Community Contributor badge and scrapped into the leaderboard for badges, scroll down I’m number 8

I had the feeling I had tweeted many articles this week but now I look at the list and there seems to be quite a few



Article of the Week


Great article, showing you how to debug a plugin in CRM 2013 using the plugin registration tool

Debugging online plugin in CRM 2013



The Best of the Rest


Hosk works out what security roles you need to run a dialog

CRM 2011/2013 – What security roles do you to need to run a dialog


I make a tool – Hosk’s CRM 2013 Guid Getter, only to find Scott Durow has already done it and better.  This works in CRM 2011.

Small is beautiful – Useful Ribbon Buttons


great Q&A from Steve Foster

CRM MVP Question and Answer – Steven Foster


A very detailed blog post using the KingswaySoft SSIS connector to upload some images, great work.

Import Multiple Images from Physical Directory to CRM 2013 Entity Image field Using SSIS + KingswaySoft SSIS Connector


Hosk article on what happens when you delete status reasons with migrating those values first

CRM 2013 – What happens when you delete a status reason currently in use


In the field give you some Data encryption tips

Tips : Dynamics CRM 2013 Field Level Data Encryption Management


some lessons learnt from using the new CRM 2013 business flow functionality

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow Lessons Learned


There is a UK CRMUG meeting (and social the night before) for all those members of CRMUG

CRMUG UK Social Evening July 16th


sonoma partners run through using the new package deployer tool, worth reading because it’s not straight forward.

CRM 2013 Spring ‘14 Package Deployer Tool


This shows you a nice codeplex tool which will allow you to update child records with a workflow, very useful

Tip #169: Update related records with a workflow


a blog from CRM MVP (8 times) David Jennaway – Plugin pre-stages – some subtleties.  He doesn’t do many so enjoy it
Plugin pre-stages – some subtleties


nice article on renumbering the pipeline stage from CRM Tip of the Day, done by CRM MVP’s don’t you know

Tip #168: Renumber the pipeline stage


a good video not delivered in the usual monotone

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring ’14 Application New Features – Status Reason


Hosk Stuff – not CRM


Annoying practices of bad recruitment consultants

Why owner’s are better selling houses than estate agents


 Last Weeks Top picks