CRM 2013 – How to get rid of annoying pending email warning message

I was getting Pending Email message in my CRM 2013 DEV environment.

pending email warning

I managed to ignore this for about a week until today where the message seemed to take a paper-clip quality and get really annoying.

I remember in the deep dark past of getting rid of this message before and I was write it was in March 2012 and in CRM 2011

CRM 2011 – Pending Email warning

I thought I would update the process to make sure it still worked.  I write better blogs than Hosk of 2012, so I will be able to follow this blog easier in the future.

What does this message mean?

This message is warning the user they have an email with the status Pending Send.

So for some reason you have created an email message, tried to send it but it never got sent and is stuck in pending

How do I find these pesky pending emails?

The way to find the messages is to do an advanced find and search for email messages where you are the owner and the status is Pending Send

pending email warning 1

Should return some pending emails

pending email warning 2

Now what?

To get rid of the message you can delete the pending email messages.  This can happen in a Dev environment where you don’t have an email router or Outlook addin running, it means you have tried to send an email but CRM doesn’t have any method to send the email (CRM doesn’t have any inbuilt email capability it delegates all Email sending to Outlook addin, email router or service side sync).

There also a registry key you can modify called DisablePendingEmailReminder

Here is a blog post how to do it

Microsoft CRM – Remove Pending email warning

Remember this will stop the pending email warning for all organisations deployed on the CRM server.

If you are in a production environment you need to find out why emails are not being sent, is it because the email router has stopped working or a the Outlook plugin has stopped working/disabled.

Sometimes it can be due to the service account used in the email router has either been deleted/disabled or the password has changed.