Microsoft Dynamics Community – How close are you to your next badge?

My obsession with Dynamic Community badges will relax to normal levels as I have finally acquired my problem solver 5 badge, which you get for having 75 verified answers to forum questions.  I have to say this is a lot harder than it sounds because you only get a verified answer when the user clicks you have answered the question and the person who asked the question doesn’t always marked it as answered even if the question has been answered.

It isn’t all about badges because these forums are very useful for finding answers to problems in the long term because I have searched for answers to problems and have often found the answer on a forum question posted a long time ago.

I am one of 23 people to have been awarded this badge in the dynamics community.   One of the reasons the numbers seems relatively low is because before badges they had a different point system, which I think is still going on.   There are other CRM forums which you get points for answering questions

I am pretty much badged up now with the other badges being very difficult to acquire, a couple of main ones I would like to collect is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Contributor, which I am on course for if I keep answering as many CRM forum questions at my current pace

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Contributor

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community Contributor

This is a special badge awarded every six months to the top 5 members with the most verified answers in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forum, providing notable contributions to the community.  Learn more about the Microsoft Community Contributor badge program.

Then there is the BIG BADGE or the one badge to rule them all, when you put it on it makes you invisible and gives you other super powers 🙂

Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP

Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP

Members with this badge are an active Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).  Learn more about becoming an MVP

If you are wondering how close you are to your next badge, you can log in and then go to the url below

it shows you what badges you have got and how many until you get your next badge.  There are also some interesting statistics at the bottom regarding questions answered, verified answers etc.  The stats in grey are also clickable and you can see some other interesting stats about your fellow Dynamics Community members.

Next badge

Hosk has made it on to the Dynamics Leader Board

After answering lots of forum questions and posting lots of CRM blog posts I have finally made it onto the the leader board.  I am the only non MVP to feature on the leader board so I am with esteemed company.

leader board


I am also 10th on the badge leaders, a precarious position and could be over taken at any moment.

I wasn’t sure it was possible to get onto the leader board because all the other people on the the leader board are MVP’s in either AX, NAV, CRM, GP, quite a few of them also have the Microsoft Community Contributor badge, MVP page.  Interestingly if you are an MVP you can get free membership to CRMUG for the time you are an MVP.  To get onto the leader board you basically have to get all the badges, which as you can imagine is quite difficult and takes a lot of time.

I have one more badge to get and that’s Problem Solver 5 a badge which only 22 other Dynamic Community members have.

My target after that is to try and get a Microsoft CRM Community Contributor Badge , This is a special badge awarded every six months to the top 5 members with the most verified answers in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forum, providing notable contributions to the community.

I am currently in the top 5 contributors, now all I have to do is stay in that position until June!  Yes you don’t get this badge easily.

I have heard that Microsoft are looking at developing the leader board some in the coming months.  This will potentially have a monthly leader board and the ability to view all the members positions.

CRM Dynamics Community Badges – how many people are following you?

In the new Dynamics Community site you can get badges for different things

blog posts

number of subscriptions

answering forum questions

Following Dynamics CRM Community members

If you want to learn more about the badges read the article below

Rewarding your community participation with badges

So there is one badge about how many people are following you, the badge is called celebrity.  I’m not sure what following actually does but I have the Celebrity badge 1 and 2 with one more following badge to collect.  I’m not sure why I want to collect the badges but I think it must be the gamer in me, striving for those achievements.

So this is the badge I am trying to collect is called Celebrity 3 and I need 15 people to follow me

The problem is there is no way to tell how many people are following you, so I asked the question on the forum

Reply by Eric Parsons

Hi Ben — It is unfortunately not currently possible for you to see how many followers you have, but we have received this request before and are tracking it as a potential enhancement for an upcoming site update.  That said, I am able to view it on my side — and I see that you currently have 8 followers, so 7 more and you’ll get the Celebrity 3 badge.  Good question and let us know if you have any others… or if you want an update on your number of followers in the future.  Thanks /Eric

Since then I have had two other people follow me, so I need 5 more followers.

So I would like five readers of my blog to follow me please.  If you follow me, I will be happy to follow you in return.

I am posting this on a sunday, whilst watching Sherlock Holmes, not sure what he would make of all this but I found that you can get a few of his books on the kindle for free