CRM 4 – Remote debugging not working – things to check

I recently had a problem trying to set up remote debugging and it was very frustrating.  I thought I would document my findings here in hope it might help someone who is trying to setup remote debugging (or might in the future).

I won’t go through setting up remote debugging in this blog post but if you want more information on that I have written a couple of blog posts before which will help you

an example of setting up remote debugging

general help and videos on setting up remote debugging

I had downloaded the Remote debugger and set it up.

When I tried to connect to the remote debugger from my machine, it wouldn’t let me access it.  I found it would only let me access the remote debugger if I went to options and chose no authentication.

looking back this was really trying to get round the underlying problem rather than fix it.

I also found I had problem access a new web site I added to the server.

When I tried remote debugging like this, I wasn’t get any response to my machine and everything seemed to freeze until it basically timed out.

I did a couple of things to sort this out.

The most import action was to add my user to the administrator group on the machine.  After I did this I could then connect to the remote debugger as my user

I also changed a setting on my firewall settings to inform me when applications were being blocked.  I couldn’t find any settings which might be blocking.  Although I’m not sure if it was the change above which fixed this issue because then Visual Studio told me remote debugging was being blocked and I could choose to allow it.

Make sure you runt he remote debugger as an Administrator.


I also learnt thanks sosoto reply to one of my previous blog posts you can debug plugins registered in the database all you have to do is copy the pdb file to CRM folder –  \Server\bin\assembly folder

here is his full comment

You cannot remote debug if you don’t deploy to disk

i disagree. It is possible to debug a database deployed plug-in. The compiled plug-in assembly’s .pdb file must be copied to the server’s \Server\bin\assembly folder and IIS must then be restarted. After debugging has been completed, you must remove the .pdb file and reset IIS to prevent the w3wp.exe process from consuming additional memory.

CRM 2011 Solution – Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap Editor

I am seeing an increased amount of tools created as solutions which work within CRM.  This is a much tidier method of distributing CRM 2011 tools, it’s easy to find and easy to uninstall.

I have also noticed more useful solutions being available on the CRM marketplace, although I must admit I rarely look there.

This one is pretty good

Microsoft Dynamics CRM SiteMap Editor


Marcello Tonarelli is Copying my blog but how do I stop him?

I saw a link on twitter to a blog post which sounded familar, I clicked on the link and thought the words sound familar but they are on someone elses blog.  I looked at some of the other posts and found this blog had been copying lots of whole blog posts and passing them off as his own

The blog in question is

Marcello Tonarelli Blog  

lets look at some examples

my blog title

CRM 2011 – Free Entity icons solution

his blog

CRM 2011 – Free Entity icons solution


This is my blog post – Posted on October 28, 2011 by Hosk

his blog post
CRM 2011 – White Paper – Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online Solutions from Development through Test and Production Environments
By Marcello Tonarelli

looking at his list of blog entries I can see loads of my blog posts which have been copied totally.  In of the blog posts which he copied from the company blog I run, when he copied this blog post

Excellent CRM 2011 Tools – SiteMap Editor and Ribbon Editor

he copied the blog post completely and left in the link to Metaphorix website, check for yourself 
I'm not really sure how you stop someone copying your blog posts completely, maybe I should write a
message in the blog post.
I have complained to wordpress, the blog doesn't have any contact information for Marcello Tonarelli
so I can't even email him to tell him stop.

if anyone has any advice on the subject I would welcome any help
I have a blog on wordpress


is copying my blog posts completely and claiming the content as his own

This is my blog post - Posted on October 28, 2011 by Hosk

his blog post
CRM 2011 – White Paper – Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online Solutions from Development through Test and Production Environments
By Marcello Tonarelli

This entry was posted on November 1, 2011 at 8:30

There are lots of examples of him copy complete blog posts from my blog.  

He has also copied a post from another blog I run for my company, he has copied this blog post 

he copied it completely and left the link in to my company website

Daddy Hosk

The last few weeks has seen the Hosk household turned upside down and inside out with the arrival of a new member to the family.

As you can see by the picture it has already aged me as a beard has been grown.  I have found you have a lot less time when you have a baby in the house.

Below you can see my beautiful little girl – Jessica Lily Hosking.  She was 6 pounds 3 ounces but is now 7 pounds after 2 and a half weeks of playing catch up.

81 comments for trouble using | (pipe) with the String.split method

It’s good in life when you do something that helps out lots of people, some people donate money to charity, some create the iPod, others buy you a beer when you a feeling down.

my contribution to society is to help at least 81 Java programmers who have been tormented by minutes to hours of code not working when they were trying to use a | (pipe) with the String.split method.

I once came up agaisn’t this problem and as I had recently passed my Java certification I had an inkling as to why this pipe was causing me some problems.  I won’t go into the answer but it’s due to regular expressions and pipes doing something funky.

if you want to read the answer please read it here

trouble using | (pipe) with the String.split method

The reason it came up today because like all blog owners you have to put protection on otherwise people will spam your comments (really, does it work!!) and I still get people thanking me for finding the solution, even now 5 years later.

so there we go one of my contributions to society.

Free Office 365 ebook

If you have just signed up for Office 365 then you might need some help getting used to it.

hopefully a free ebook can help you on your way, which I read on this blog

you can download the ebook by clicking the link below

 Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime

below is the table of contents



Part I Finding Your Place in the Cloud

Chapter 1
What’s Happening with the World of Work?
■ Teams, Teams Everywhere—In the Office and Outside of It
■ Worldwide Collaboration Is Here
■ Going for the Green—With Groups of All Sizes
■ Heads in the Cloud (Computing)
■ A Closer Look at Office 365
■ What’s Next

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Office 365
■ Creating Your Office 365 Account
■ A Look Around the Office 365 Home Page

■ Setting Up a Profile
■ How Does All This Work?
■ What’s Your Service? Different Setups, Different Services
■ Getting Ready to Use Office 365
■ How Office 365 Meets Small Business Needs
■ What’s Next

Chapter 3 Administering an Office 365 Account
■ Are You an Administrator?
■ An Overview of Your Administrative Tasks
■ First Things First: Key Tasks to Complete
■ Adding and Managing Office 365 Users
■ Viewing Domain Properties
■ Setting Up and Managing Outlook and Exchange
■ Setting Up SharePoint Online
■ Configuring Lync Online
■ Managing Your Subscriptions
■ Getting Help with Office 365
■ What’s Next

Part II Teamwork in the Cloud

Chapter 4 What Your Team Can Do with Office 365
■ Starting with the End in Mind
■ Creating a Shared Space
■ Sharing Calendars Securely
■ Translating Content on the Fly
■ Making Instant Contact with Team Members
■ Holding Online Meetings
■ Broadcasting Presentations Online
■ Creating and Modifying a Website
■ What’s Next

Chapter 5 Creating Your Team Site with SharePoint Online
■ Planning Your Team Site
■ Creating a Simple Team Site—Fast
■ Putting Some Thought into the Team Site Design
■ Choosing a Site Theme
■ Changing the Text Layout of Your Page
■ Posting an Update
■ Adding and Formatting Pictures
■ Adding a New Page
■ Entering and Editing Content
■ Adding Web Parts
■ Sharing Your Site
■ What’s Next

Chapter 6 Posting, Sharing, and Managing Files
■ What Is a Document Library (and Where Is It)?
■ Creating a Document Library
■ Organizing Document Libraries
■ Working with Document Library Files
■ What’s Next

Chapter 7 Adding and Managing Workflows
■ Introducing Office 365 Workflows
■ Creating a New Workflow
■ Using a Workflow for Your Project
■ Managing Workflows
■ What’s Next

Chapter 8 Working with Office 2010 Web Apps
■ A First Look at Office Web Apps
■ Creating, Saving, and Closing a New File
■ Working with an Existing File
■ Choosing Your Tools
■ Levels of Editing in Office Web Apps
■ Co-authoring with Office Web Apps
■ Reviewing and Editing Excel Worksheets
■ Working with OneNote Notebooks
■ What’s Next

Chapter 9 Going Mobile with Office 365
■ How Will You Use Your Phone with Office 365?
■ Receiving and Sending Email on Your Phone
■ Using the Office Hub on Your Windows Phone 7
■ Last-Minute Word Editing on Your Mobile Device
■ Reviewing and Updating Excel Data
■ Tweaking a PowerPoint Presentation on Your Phone
■ What’s Next

Part III Connecting in Real Time

Chapter 10 Email and Organize with Office 365
■ Introducing Outlook Web App
■ Checking and Managing Email
■ Working with Your Calendar
■ Importing and Managing Your Contacts
■ Adding and Completing Tasks
■ What’s Next

Chapter 11 Talking It Over with Microsoft Lync
■ Introducing Microsoft Lync
■ Working with Contacts in Lync
■ Instant Messaging with Your Team
■ Making a Call with Lync
■ Sharing Programs and Files
■ What’s Next

Chapter 12 Designing Your Public Website
■ Getting Started with Your Public Website
■ Choosing a Theme and Header Style
■ Choosing a Custom Color Scheme
■ Adding and Formatting Text
■ Inserting, Formatting, and Aligning Images
■ Adding and Organizing Pages
■ Selecting a Navigation Layout
■ Adding Gadgets to Your Site
■ Optimizing Your Site for Web Search Results
■ Previewing and Publishing Your Site
■ What’s Next

Chapter 13 Integrating All Parts of Office 365
■ Using It All Together—Online and Off
■ Getting Productive with Office 365
■ Creating an Annual Report
■ Tracking a Sales Promotion
■ Preparing an Online Training Module
■ Happily Ever After…in the Cloud

Appendix A Extras for Great Teams
■ Thinking Through Your Group Process
■ Team Contact List
■ Excel Worksheet with Licenses and Permissions
■ Meeting Agenda Template
■ Tips for Your Team Site
■ Proposal Checklist
■ Marketing Checklist

Is LinkedIn linking people or just annoying them

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I got emailed this free productivity boost from LinkedIn, which offers you a free months trial using the premium package

LinkedIn Premium helps you to be more productive, with tools such as:

InMail: Contact anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction – response guaranteed!**
Expanded Profile Views: See expanded profiles of everyone on LinkedIn, even people outside of your network.
Who’s Viewed My Profile: See a complete list of who’s viewed your profile on LinkedIn.

Get these benefits and many more including the ability to view up to 700 profiles per search.

I think the InMail benefit and Expanded Profile View seem to be go against the philosophy of LinkedIn.  You are only able to see the profiles of people you have linked with and you should only be able to contact those people who you have linked with.

Let us not forget the warning messages about only accept LinkedIn requests from people who you know and then they give you a link to page telling you why this is important.  Well that is the LinkedIn philosophy unless you pay them some money in each month and then you can do what you like.

I believe some of the privileges above are why LinkedIn seems to be full of recruitment consultants harassing anyone and everyone.  I also wonder if anything actually happens when you report things as spam.

The loosening of its standards and rules is slowly but surely have a detrimental effect on LinkedIn with most of the noise on LinkedIn coming from marketers and recruitment consultant.   I would add LinkedIn does very well with the technology groups and I have read many interesting posts and articles on LinkedIn.  My main point is the interesting posts are out numbered by the mundane.

I wonder if LinkedIn is too big and entrenched like Facebook, you would have to say that it has become the standard tools in many companies and individuals social media strategies but many vast empires have fallen in the past.  Also if LinkedIn keeps going down the same path they might contribute to their own downfall.


CRM 2011 – Free Developer Training Course for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Released

I saw this flash up on twitter the other day and when I have looked at it again I realised that this was released quite a while ago but it’s always good to refresh information.  The original link went to here which actually gives a very succinct summary of the training course

it covers these sections

  • Introduction to the Dynamics CRM 2011 Training Course
  • Solutions in Dynamics CRM 2011
  • User Experience Extensibility
  • Visualizations and Dashboards
  • WCF Web Services
  • LINQ and oData
  • Plug-ins
  • Processes
  • Client Programming
  • Silverlight
  • SharePoint and CRM
  • Azure
  • Upgrading from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011
  • Dynamics Marketplace

The course is based around the excellent channel 9 videos and although it downloads 127 megs of data the videos are not downloaded and when you click on them it basically streams them off the internet.  I felt this was a bit disappointing because you might want to work on this offline but then really everyone is online these days.

I had to use CRM 2011 whilst it was in beta and these videos were extremely helpful, especially in terms of understanding OData, LINQ, solutions, WCF and Plugins.

to go download the course go here

Dynamics CRM 2011 Developer Training Course

to read about the different aspects of the training in more detail go to this page

an example is this is how they describe solutions in the training kit.

Solutions in Dynamics CRM 2011

Presentation/Video Description Hands-on Labs
Solutions – Data Modeling Describes the metadata-driven data model and tools that are used for customizing data to build xRM (Anything Relationship Management) and extended Microsoft Dynamics CRM business applications.
Solutions – Introduction Introduces the new Solutions feature that allows packaging of the customizations and code. Solution Packaging
Solutions – Managed and Unmanaged Covers managed and unmanaged solution package types.
Solutions – Publishing Explains various options for configuring and publishing a solution.
Solutions – Modularization Covers best practices for creating one or more solutions, particularly for modularizing and sharing components within a solution.
another useful link they have on that page is a link to the entity model
this would probably be pretty useful if you are starting out in CRM development, if you have been developing CRM for a while then you will have learnt about the relationships the hard way