Why Microsoft is going to have a better 2011 than Salesforce

I saw this article which had the title

Top Ten CRM Software Blog Posts for 2010

An usual way to look at the last year but the article I found interesting because I haven’t used Salesforce, so it was interesting for me to see the various articles as to why CRM2011 is going to be a good year for Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011 and a year they take more of Salesforces market share.

Of course I am biased because I am CRM user and the more people who use that then the more potential work there is for me.

Even without knowing about SalesForce I certainly get the feeling Microsoft means business with CRM 2011.  They are offering great deals for SalesForce customers to switch to Microsoft.  CRM2011 has a lot of great enhancements which make it more appealing and a lot better product.

There is loads of advertising, talk and twittering about CRM 2011 and there are even widgets counting down to the CRM 2011 launch event when the big cheese Steve Balmer gives it the big push


Surely having the year in the name of the new CRM product is also going to help.

From his list of the top articles I have just got the links about salesforce.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. Salesforce.com: Why Microsoft is the better investment

9002 views | 9 Comments | May 17, 2010 by Ryan Plourde, AbleBridge

With the advent of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 right around the corner, the choice between Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM just got a lot easier.  If you are a business that utilizes Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook, choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 over Salesforce.com makes a lot of sense.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. SalesForce.com

3976 views | 8 Comments | March 3, 2010 by xRM

When it comes to sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management software (CRM), most offices will find the Microsoft Dynamics CRM a superior product to the SalesForce.com CRM. Why? Take a look below to understand why most offices will prefer Microsoft Dynamics over SalesForce.

Salesforce.com’s Inability to Integrate Their Service with Microsoft Outlook 2010

1728 views | 2 Comments | August 25, 2010 by xRM

Whenever I read a news story about a horrific event or a devastating natural disaster, my heart goes out to the victims of the tragedy. At the same time, deep down, I’m thinking “Whew! At least it didn’t happen to me.” Although there were no bombings or earthquakes involved, I had a somewhat similar experience today as I perused the client discussion forums on the Salesforce.com website.  Being a user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I have no firsthand understanding of the dissatisfaction that plagues these Salesforce.com customers, but I can most certainly sympathize with their distress.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce.com vs. Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager – the Microsoft Outlook Advantage

1235 views | 1 Comment | June 23, 2010 by Andree Dolan, The TM Group

The other weekend I was volunteering to pick up food for my church’s Angel Food Ministry . (read about Angel Food below).  The guy I was picking up the food with was the owner of a small business and had just hired a telemarketer to call into his client base to drum up some additional business.