How to quickly lock your computer

This is a really quick blog post but when someone at work told me this shortcut, I thought yeah baby this is going to save me loads of time even if it is just 20 seconds a day.

The quick way to lock your computer is

Windows Logo key and L

go on try it now

This prompted me to have a quick google and see what else this windows key did, the Windows logo and D to show the desktop is pretty good.  This is the page I got the information below from.

Press To
Windows logo key Display or hide the Start menu
Windows logo key+L Lock the computer
Windows logo key+BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box
Windows logo key+D Show the desktop
Windows logo key+M Minimize all windows
Windows logo key+SHIFT+M Restore minimized windows
Windows logo key+E Open My Computer
Windows logo key+F Search for a file or folder
CTRL+Windows logo key+F Search for computers
Windows logo key+F1 Display Windows Help
Windows logo key+R Open the Run dialog box
Windows logo key+U Open Utility Manager
Application key Display the Shortcut menu for the selected item